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Brooklyn Bedding vs. Casper Mattress Review

If you’ve been perusing the online mattress space, you’ve likely come across Brooklyn Bedding and Casper. These two popular brands offer affordable, bed-in-a-box mattresses that ship conveniently to your door. But which one is right for your specific sleep needs?

In this comprehensive comparison, I’ll be examining the all-foam Casper original mattress and the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress. I’ll discuss each bed’s feel, materials, policies, and performance. Short on time? Skip on down to my comparison summary.

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Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress
  • Nice for side sleepers
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck

Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding: Which is Better for You?

Depending on factors like your body type, preferred sleeping position, and whether or not you sleep with a partner or pet, one of these mattresses is likely to be better for you than the other. Take a look at some of my recommendations below.

Who Should Buy the Casper

  • I’d recommend the Casper as a better option for those who suffer from back pain. Its zoned support layer promotes a straight spinal alignment, which helps prevent pain.
  • If you’re on a budget, the Casper is a bit cheaper than the Brooklyn Signature.
  • If you’re a fan of an all-foam bed, the Casper is the way to go. The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress.
Casper Mattress
The Casper Original mattress.

Who Should Buy the Brooklyn Signature

  • I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn Signature for combination sleepers. It’s springy construction makes it bouncy and easy to move around on.
  • The Brooklyn Signature is going to be a bit more durable than the Casper. Hybrid mattresses typically last a couple years longer than all-foam beds.
  • The Signature is one of my favorite mattresses for couples. It has low motion transfer, which means you’re unlikely to feel your partner’s movements on your side of the bed, and great edge support.
  • If you’re a heavy sleeper (over 250 lbs.) the Brooklyn Signature is going to be the better option, as it’s more supportive. However, I’d also recommend checking out the Brooklyn Titan, which was specifically designed for heavy people.
The Brooklyn Signature in the Sleepopolis studio.
The Brooklyn Signature mattress.

Casper vs Brooklyn Signature: Similarities and Differences

These beds have very different constructions (the Signature is a hybrid and the Casper is all-foam), which makes for very different overall feels. However, they do have a few things in common. I’d also recommend you check out my full Brooklyn Signature mattress review and Casper mattress review.

Main Similarities

  • Both of these beds are great for back sleepers. They have a medium-firm feel that strikes a great balance between support and pressure relief.
  • These mattresses have an “on top” of the bed feel. You won’t experience deep sinkage on either bed.
  • Combination sleepers should be happy on both beds, since they’re both quite responsive and easy to move around on.
  • Neither bed is a great choice for strict side sleepers. These sleepers need a softer bed with a bit more sinkage, like one of our best memory foam mattresses.

Main Differences

  • The Brooklyn Signature has better motion isolation than the Casper. This makes it a better option for couples or anyone who sleeps with a pet, because it absorbs movement.
  • The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress, made with a combination of innerspring coils and foams, while the Casper is an all-foam bed.
  • The Brooklyn Signature comes in three firmness options, while the Casper comes in just one.

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Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

Doesn't expire

Save 20% with code SLEEPOPOLIS20
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress
  • Nice for side sleepers
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck

Brooklyn Signature and Casper Mattress Feel Comparison

Wondering how these mattresses stack up in terms of feel? When I talk about overall feel, I like to start with firmness, since most are familiar with the term.


Coming in at a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the most firm) Casper is considered a medium firm mattress. Classified under the “universal comfort” mattress category, it is designed to meet the needs of most sleepers. Feel will vary depending upon body type / size. As a heavier sleeper, the Casper will feel more like a 7.5 out of 10 due to the increased sinkage through much of the comfort foam. The more you sink, the more closely you are in contact with the more dense, harder foam layers. Sleepers over 250 pounds will want to consider their firmness / feel preferences closely to ensure you get the proper support and comfort dynamic that your body needs.

Unlike traditional memory foam, the Casper does not give the sleeper that trapped feeling that is usually associated with the memory foam mattresses. With a top layer of Airscape foam, the sleeper does sink a similar amount, but there is no exaggerated memory hug. Additionally, the Airscape foam provides great bounce and response.

Brooklyn Signature

Offered in 3 different levels of firmness, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress ranges from 4 to 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the most firm). Their soft mattress is a 4 out of 10 and their firm is an 8 out of 10. During my tests, I slept on their medium level, which is a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is the same level as the industry standard for medium-firmness. 

FAQ – Which firmness level is right for me?

The most notable attribute of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is its bounce. Their proprietary TitanFlex and Energex foams combine the contouring of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex foam. The added bounce is a great perk for couples, since it makes moving around during sex easier.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress sleeps extremely cool. The TitanFlex foam helps with temperature regulation and overall cooling. Additionally, the coil layer provides lots of airflow through the mattress. If you’re a hot sleeper, this bed could be a great fit for you.

Comparing What it’s Like to Sleep on the Casper and the Brooklyn Signature

Each mattress will feel different depending on your body weight and preferred sleeping position. Take a look at how I experienced each bed in different positions, and my recommendations for sleepers of different weights.


Back — The Casper felt super comfortable in this position. The zoned support system provides extra lumbar support, which helped keep my spine in a nice straight position. The top layer of Airscape foam provided some nice contouring as well.

Side — I felt just ok while lying on my side on this bed. Generally, I’d say the Casper is a bit too firm for strict side sleepers, but its zoned support is a bit softer at the shoulders, which helps prevent jamming. If you’re a side sleeper who really wants a firmer feel, this bed could be a good option for you.

Stomach — Stomach sleeping on the Casper isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. I typically steer stomach sleepers to a firmer mattress to help keep their hips in line with their shoulders, but the Casper’s zoned support is a bit firmer at the hips, which helps prevent them from sinking too far in. I think if you spent a portion of your night on your stomach (you’re not a strict stomach sleeper) you could do quite well on the Casper.

Body Weight — This mattress is likely going to feel a bit firmer to light sleepers (those under 130 lbs.) because they won’t sink down to the memory foam layer beneath the Airscape foam layer. Conversely, heavy sleepers (those over 250 lbs.) are going to sink too far into this bed, and hit the firm poly foam base, which is also going to feel quite firm. I wouldn’t recommend this bed to heavy people, as they won’t get the support they need. 

Brooklyn Signature

Back — The Signature felt great on my back! I found it had a nice mix of support and pressure relief, and it felt like my weight was evenly distributed. 

Side — This bed felt ok on my side, but I did feel like I wanted something with a touch more sinkage so that my hips and shoulders could get the cushioning they need.

Stomach — I don’t think this bed is going to be comfortable for stomach sleepers. They’ll likely find that they aren’t getting the lift they need at the hips to keep their spine in a straight line.

Body Weight — Lighter sleepers are going to experience the Signature as a firmer mattress than average weight sleepers. Heavy sleepers are going to sink right into the coil layer on this mattress, which won’t be comfortable. Luckily, Brooklyn Bedding makes the Titan mattress, which is made just for heavy people.

Save 10% with code SLEEPOPOLIS10
Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

Doesn't expire

Save 20% with code SLEEPOPOLIS20
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress
  • Nice for side sleepers
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck

Comparing Casper and Brooklyn Signature Prices

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new mattress is pricing. Take a look at the Casper and Brooklyn Signature’s price points for each size.

Prices listed are before discount or offer for each size.

SizeCasperBrooklyn Signature
Twin XL$695$749
Cal King$1,295$1,374

Comparing Casper and Brooklyn Signature Mattress Materials


The Casper is a 3-layer 11-inch all-foam mattress.

  • Cover- Made from a knit polyester blend, this cover has a soft and stretchy feel.
  • Comfort Layer– A top layer of Airscape foam has a responsive feel and offers some nice pressure relief. It has a nice and breathable feel thanks to holes throughout its construction.
  • Zoned support layer – Next up is a zoned support memory foam layer. This layer provides support and pressure relief. It is firmer at the hips and softer at the shoulders and feet, which helps promote a straight spinal alignment. 
  • Base Layer – Lastly is a layer of support poly foam. This layer of foam acts as the foundational base for the mattress. 
Casper Materials
A look inside the Casper.

Brooklyn Signature

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a 11″ mattress constructed from 2 layers of foam and pocketed coils. It’s designed to provide a balance of comfort and support through an advanced responsive poly foam, TitanFlex. TitanFlex foam delivers a latex-like feel, allowing Brooklyn Bedding to create great response, bounce, and cooling.

  • Cover – Made with a cotton/polyester blend, the Signature cover has a soft and cozy feel, and it’s quite breathable. It’s also quilted with a bit of memory foam for some immediate comfort.
  • Comfort Layer– this is a 2-inch layer of TitanFlex foam. TitanFlex foam (a type of responsive poly foam) offers great comfort, bounce, and cooling. This layer has a density of 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).
  • Transition Layer– this is a 2-inch layer of Energex foam. Just like with the layer above, this layer has great comfort, bounce, and cooling. However, this layer is a bit firmer, providing higher levels of support and deep compression support. This layer has a density of 4.0 PCF.
  • Support Layer – this is a 6-inch layer of pocketed ascension coils. It acts as a support and foundational foam for the mattress, while remaining breathable and giving the mattress shape.
  • Base Layer – a high-density poly foam layer gives the mattress some stability and adds durability.
Brooklyn Signature layers
A look inside the Brooklyn Signature.

Casper vs Brooklyn Signature: Best Qualities

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the comparison. Though I can’t tell you which is the best mattress for your specific needs, I hope these final thoughts will help you decide. 

Casper Best Features

  • The Casper’s zoned support system is great for sleepers who suffer from back pain or shoulder pain. It’s firmer at the hips to help promote a neutral spinal alignment, and softer at the shoulders to cushion sensitive pressure points.
  • The Casper’s firmness level and responsiveness make it a nice option for combination sleepers, who should feel comfortable in a range of positions and will have no problem switching positions.
  • The Casper is a nice option for anyone on a budget who still wants a high-quality mattress.

Brooklyn Signature Best Features

  • The Brooklyn Signature’s low motion transfer and strong edge support make it a fantastic mattress for couples. 
  • Hot sleepers will be happy on this bed thanks to its breathable cover, cool comfort layer, and airflow-promoting coils.
  • Combination sleepers are likely to appreciate this bed’s bounce and medium firmness.

Comparing Company Policies

Casper Policies

  • Trial Period – 100-night sleep trial 
  • Shipping– Free (except to Hawaii, Alaska, and Northern Canada)
  • Mattress Warranty – 10-year limited warranty

Brooklyn Signature Policies

  • Trial Period – 120-night trial
  • Shipping – Free
  • Mattress Warranty – 10-year warranty

Comparing Brooklyn Bedding and Casper Customer Service 

We give each brand a rating based on our own experience with each customer service team. Brands can receive one of four ratings: Stellar, Great, Satisfactory, or Poor.

Brooklyn Bedding Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Stellar: I gave Brooklyn Bedding a Stellar rating because I got a speedy and informative answer when I asked a question using the chat feature on their site, and they were super polite! 

Casper Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating 

Stellar: I have Casper a Stellar rating because I was paired with a very helpful agent right away. He answered all my questions thoroughly and was especially helpful and transparent when I asked questions about navigating Casper’s warranty.

Comparing Other Models from Casper and Brooklyn Bedding

Wondering what else these popular mattress brands have to offer? Check out how the Casper and Brooklyn Signature compare to some of the brands’ different mattresses.

Brooklyn Signature vs Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

  • The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid like the Signature, but is quite a bit softer. I think it’s a great option for side sleepers.
  • The Aurora has even better motion isolation than the Signature, meaning couples are very unlikely to be disturbed by their partner’s movements at night.
  • The Aurora is very cooling thanks to its phase-change material cover and copper-infused foam, which help dissipate body heat.
  • For more, check out my full Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review.
Brooklyn Aurora
The Brooklyn Aurora mattress.

Casper vs Casper Wave Hybrid

  • The Casper Wave Hybrid is Casper’s luxury hybrid bed, and is similar to the Casper Hybrid, but with some souped-up features.
  • The Wave Hybrid sleeps cooler than the Casper thanks to extra cooling features like a gel foam comfort layer and gel pods in its zoned support layer.
  • The Wave Hybrid is noticeably softer than the original Casper or Casper Hybrid.
  • Learn more in my full Casper Wave Hybrid mattress review.
Casper Wave Hybrid
The Casper Wave Hybrid.

Other Common Casper and Brooklyn Signature Comparisons

Check out how the Casper and Brooklyn Signature stack up against models from other mattress companies.

Casper vs

Brooklyn Signature vs

Save 10% with code SLEEPOPOLIS10
Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

Doesn't expire

Save 20% with code SLEEPOPOLIS20
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress
  • Nice for side sleepers
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck

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