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WinkBeds vs. Casper Mattress

The original WinkBed and Casper are both popular bed-in-a-box mattresses that utilize zoned support. But the similarities pretty much end there. While the WinkBed is a hybrid pillow top mattress, the Casper is all-foam. These different constructions lead to two totally divergent feels best-suited for distinct types of sleepers, which is a good thing in my opinion, because it means one is sure to be 100% right for you!

Is the WinkBed or the Casper better for your specific sleep needs? I’ll cover these mattresses’ similarities, differences, and unique features so you can find the best option for your sleep needs. Read on for the low-down, or skip to the summary to see who wins!

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WinkBeds Mattress
  • Solid innerspring build with great bounce
  • Sleeps cool
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Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers


At first glance, the flagship WinkBed and Casper don’t seem all that similar. But they do have a couple features in common:

  • Zoned support – Both the Casper and WinkBed feature a zoned support system that’s firmer at the hips and softer around the shoulders. This helps prevent sleepers from feeling jammed up at the shoulder and supports side sleeping spinal alignment.
  • Cooling – The WinkBed features a cover made of Tencel, which is a breathable material that can help release heat from the mattress. The Casper uses open-cell foam in its comfort layer to encourage breathability.

If we expand our comparison to include the Casper hybrid, then both that mattress and the WinkBed utillize coil support. But for the most part, I’ll be focusing this comparison on the original all-foam Casper.

Unique Qualities

While the Casper and WinkBed do have a couple similarities, they have many more differences! Let’s go through each of these beds layer by layer to get a sense of the materials in each mattress and how they affect the overall feel of each model.


Cover – The first layer you’ll encounter on the WinkBed is a Tencel cover. Tencel is a natural material that’s known for being breathable, and it helps the mattress sleep a little cooler.

Pillow top – Next up is a pillow top with two layers of soft, gel-infused foam that let you sink in for some great pressure relief at the shoulders. I should also add that the gel infusion here helps to dissipate some body heat across the structure.

Transition layer – Beneath the soft pillow top, there’s a transition layer made up of micro-coils and poly foam. It offers cradling support along with some bounce and mobility from the micro-coils. This mobility might appeal most to combo sleepers who need to easily change positions in the night.

The WinkBed
The WinkBed is a great pillow top option

Support layer – Finally, you’ll find a pocketed coil support system. It has a bit of a traditional innerspring feel, only with individually wrapped coils. This lets the coils move independently, which helps cut down on motion transfer when you’re sharing the bed with a partner. The pocketed coils are zoned into seven sections that offer different levels of firmness and pressure relief at different contact points on the body.

Thoughts: The WinkBed has a hybrid feel and zoned construction in its pocketed coil support layer that offers some bouncy mobility and a balance of pressure relief and support. This vibe could appeal to combo sleepers, who need to be able to switch positions easily and require a balance of support and comfort in multiple positions.

WinkBed 2019 Sleep
Side sleeping on the WinkBed Luxury Firm


Cover – First up is a polyester cover. It’s on the thin side and offers a cozy feel.

Comfort layer – Next you’ll find a comfort layer made of soft, open-cell foam that lets you sink into the mattress for some pressure relief. The open-cell construction helps the mattress “breathe” and sleep a little cooler.

Contour layer – Below the foam comfort layer, you’ll find even more foam! This layer is made of memory foam to provide even more sinkage for deep body-contouring and pressure relief. This sinky sensation might be ideal for side sleepers who need to avoid feeling jammed up at the shoulder or hip.

Casper Mattress
The Casper Original Mattress

Transition layer – Beneath the memory foam is (you guessed it!) more foam. This time, it’s a poly foam layer in a zoned construction. It’s softer at the shoulders and firmer at the hips, which is great for side sleeping pressure relief and spinal alignment. While the WinkBed’s zoned construction features seven sections in the pocketed coil layer, the Casper’s zoned support system consists of two sections made from poly foam.

Base layer – Finally, you’ll find a layer of high-density polyfoam at the base of the mattress. This layer offers firm support for the layers above it.

Thoughts: The original Casper is an all-foam mattress that offers zoned support for a balance of comfort and pressure relief. Because it’s softer at the shoulders and firmer at the hips, it promotes healthy spinal alignment and pressure relief for side sleepers. The firm transition and base layers might also provide enough support for back sleepers.

Casper Back Sleeping
Relaxing on the Casper Original mattress

WinkBed vs. Casper

Now that you know the similarities and differences between the WinkBed and the Casper, it’s time to compare these mattresses head-to-head. Contrasting the construction of these two beds clues us in to how they might feel for different sleep styles.

The WinkBed’s most distinct feature is probably its zoned coil support layer, which has seven distinct sections of varying firmness and pressure relief levels. The Luxury Firm version of the WinkBed features this construction in a medium firm package that will probably appeal to the broadest swath of sleepers. In particular, combo sleepers who need a mixture of support and pressure relief in multiple positions will most likely appreciate this mattress. Fans of pillow tops might also like this bed.

WinkBed vs Casper Materials
Comparing the materials in the WinkBed and Casper mattresses

The Casper’s all-foam construction provides plenty of body-contouring and lets sleepers sink into the mattress for pressure relief. Meanwhile, the zoned support system ensures that your hips don’t sink too far into the mattress. This means the Casper might be a nice fit for back sleepers, side sleepers, and back/side combo sleepers.

After looking at these constructions side by side, I’m most struck by the zoned support and the balance of pressure relief and support on both mattresses. One very notable difference is the WinkBed’s hybrid construction compared to the Casper’s all-foam feel. People who like their mattress to have some bounce will probably want to opt for the WinkBed, while side sleepers who like a balanced foam feel might prefer the Casper.

$300 Off!
WinkBeds Mattress
  • Solid innerspring build with great bounce
  • Sleeps cool
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Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel?

Alright, let’s dive into how these mattresses feel! You’ve looked at the construction of the Casper and the WinkBed, and you have an idea of how these different constructions might align with various types of sleepers. Now it’s time to take a closer look at what it feels like to sleep on top of these mattresses! I run several tests to explore this question, most notably my Firmness test.

The test is scored on a scale from 1 (super soft) to 10 (extra-hard), with 6.5 being the industry standard for medium firmness. Of course, this range is a bit subjective, because everyone perceives firmness a little differently based on their body type, personal preferences, and so on. The numbers you see below reflect how the mattresses feel to me, but your feelings may vary a bit.

Casper vs WinkBed Firmness
Comparing how firm the Casper and WinkBed mattresses are


The WinkBed comes in three firmness options, which I ranked from around a 5 to a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Luxury Firm version is WinkBed’s “medium” model, which is designed to appeal to the broadest segment of sleepers. I ranked this version around a 6.5, or right around medium firm. In my opinion, it offered a mixture of support and comfort: I enjoyed some nice pressure relief as I sank into the pillow top, but never felt stuck thanks to the lift of the micro-coils and pocketed springs.

I also enjoyed the zoned support system, which both elevated my hips into a nice even line with my shoulders and helped to cushion my shoulders against too much pressure. However, I’d still say that the Luxury Firm option (again, the brand’s medium firm model that we’re discussing here) is probably best-suited for combo sleepers. Strict side sleepers might want to consider the softest WinkBed model, while strict stomach sleepers will probably be better off with the firmest version.

WinkBed 2019 Press
Pressing into the WinkBed mattress


While you might expect an all-foam bed to have an extra-soft feel, I actually ranked the Casper around a 7 out of 10, or just a hair firmer than medium firm. This firmness reflects the support offered in multiple positions. Back sleepers should find that the zoned support promotes a neutral spine alignment, while the memory foam contour layer offers some satisfying relief at the lumbar region. But where this mattress really shines is for side sleepers: The zoned support system helps relieve pressure at the shoulders while elevating the hips to be in line with them. And that it’s easy to change positions on this bed could also make it a winner for combo sleepers.

Casper Side Sleeper
I think combination back and side sleepers will like the Casper

Bottom line? Both the WinkBed and the Casper should work well for combo sleepers, especially those who switch between their back and side. The WinkBed should appeal to folks who like the bounce and support of coils, while the Casper might be an especially great choice for strict side sleepers.

$300 Off!
WinkBeds Mattress
  • Solid innerspring build with great bounce
  • Sleeps cool
15% off with Code PRES15
Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers

Other Models

While I’ve focused this comparison on the flagship WinkBed and the Casper models, it’s worth noting that both brands offer several other models. Comparing the original mattresses to other versions helps illuminate the characteristics of each bed. So let’s do it!

WinkBed Plus

  • This mattress is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of heavier folks. It features a similar hybrid structure as the original WinkBed but offers more (and firmer!) support.
  • While the original WinkBed has some nice bounce, the WinkBed Plus really takes the buoyancy up a notch. It uses latex foam and coils, which lend plenty of buoyancy to the bed and make it easy to change positions.
  • Several components in this mattress work to help sleepers stay cool. These include latex (which is naturally cooling) and individually wrapped coils, which allow for airflow through the bed.
  • Read the WinkBed Plus review.

WinkBed EcoCloud

  • Like the original WinkBed, the EcoCloud is a bed-in-a-box hybrid. But instead of using Tencel and foam, it incorporates natural latex and cotton.
  • As the name suggests, the EcoCloud is designed with eco-friendliness in mind. It features an organic cotton cover and natural Talalay Latex.
  • The EcoCloud is super bouncy, so it might appeal to combo sleepers who need to change positions easily throughout the night.
  • Read the WinkBed EcoCloud review.

WinkBed GravityLux

  • While the original WinkBed features a hybrid construction with pocketed coils, the GravityLux is an all-foam, bed-in-a-box mattress. It features several layers of memory foam on top of firmer poly foam.
  • Because it includes so much memory foam, the GravityLux has plenty of room for sinking into the mattress to enjoy nice body-contouring and pressure relief. For this reason, it might appeal to side sleepers, who don’t want to feel jammed up at the shoulder or hip.
  • Read the WinkBed GravityLux review.

Casper Essential

  • Think of the Casper Essential as the value version of the original Casper. It features an all-foam, bed-in-a-box construction with a firm feel.
  • Due to the firmness of the Casper Essential, it’s probably the best ft for back and stomach sleepers, who need plenty of support to keep their hips from bowing into the mattress.
  • Read the Casper Essential review.

Casper Wave Hyrbid

  • If the Casper Essential is the Casper’s little cousin, the Wave Hybrid is like the original Casper’s ritzy aunt. It offers a plush feel, quality materials, and a luxury price tag.
  • The soft, plush feel of the Wave Hybrid is probably best suited for side sleepers, who might appreciate it’s pressure-relieving foam, contoured channels for the shoulders, and zoned support at the hips, which helps maintain healthy spinal alignment.
  • Read the Casper Wave Hybrid review for more information.

Which Mattress is the Winner?

We’ve covered the construction, firmness, and feel of both of these beds, and we’re nearly to the end of our WinkBed vs.Casper comparison! Now just one question remains: Which mattress is the one for you? I can’t answer that for you, but the section below should help you with your decision!

The original WinkBed features a hybrid construction that is bouncy and supportive, while the zoned support system helps elevate the hips and relieve pressure around the shoulders. The Luxury Firm’s balanced, medium firm feel might be ideal for combo sleepers, who need to feel both pressure relief and support over multiple positions. Strict side sleepers might consider the softer GravityLux, while strict stomach sleepers might prefer the original WinkBed’s firm model.

WinkBed 2019 Top
Queen size version of the WinkBed mattress

The original Casper has an all-foam construction with a zoned support system that’s especially ideal for side sleepers. That system provides plenty of support at the hips while offering extra softness around the shoulders, which promotes healthy side sleeping spinal alignment and helps prevent the “jammed up” feeling that can occur when side sleeping on a bed that’s too firm. The Casper’s balanced foam feel might also work for back sleepers and combo back/side sleepers, while strict stomach sleepers might want to look for a firmer option such as the Casper Essential. If you’re a side sleeper who’s in the mood to splurge, you might consider the luxury Casper Wave Hybrid.

Casper Original
Getting a close up look at the Casper Original

Bottom line? Side sleepers might really take to the Casper, while combo sleepers might appreciate the WinkBed. Folks who like a bouncy, supportive feel should look to the WinkBed. Meanwhile, fans of a balanced foam feel are more likely to appreciate the Casper.

Casper vs WinkBed – Which is Better?

Still on the fence about the WinkBed vs. Casper? Let’s make your decision easier with an overview of a few of the most important takeaways from this review!

$300 Off!
WinkBeds Mattress
  • Solid innerspring build with great bounce
  • Sleeps cool
15% off with Code PRES15
Casper Mattress
  • Zoned support is nice for spine alignment
  • Great choice for combo sleepers


  • Thanks to the micro-coils in the transition layer and the pocketed coils in the support layer, the WinkBed offers plenty of bounce. It should appeal to folks who like an innerspring feel as well as to combo sleepers, who need some bounce in order to easily switch positions.
  • Those looking for a supportive bed-in-a-box mattress might also like the WinkBed. Thanks to its coil-on-coil construction, it offers plenty of support. The company also offers the extra-supportive WinkBed Plus, which is designed to support heavier folks.


  • Fans of a balanced foam feel might like the original Casper, which features an all-foam construction that incorporates a mixture of different types of foam. The end result is a bed that balances pressure relief and support.
  • Side sleepers might really like the Casper thanks to its zoned support system. This construction helps maintain health side sleeping spinal alignment by preventing the hips from bowing too far into the mattress. At the same time, it offers pressure relief at the shoulders to maintain comfort while side sleeping, and the all-foam construction allows for some sinkage and body contouring.

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