The Official 2024 List of the Most Sleep-Deprived States In the Country Is Here: Where Does Yours Rank?

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the Most Sleep Deprived States in the Country Is Here

Have you been looking for the secret answer that will improve your sleep? You’re not alone — in fact your state might be searching for answers about sleep more than most. 

Sleep experts from Amerisleep recently went on the hunt to find the most sleep-deprived states. They used Google Keyword Planner to compile a list of 96 terms relating to sleeping disorders and sleep, analyzed them, and calculated a monthly search volume per 100,000 residents in each state over the last year. 

Why is this important to understand? A spokesperson from Amerisleep explained, “According to the CDC, around a third of adults in the U.S. reported that they get less than the recommended amount of sleep – between 7 to 9 hours per night. The study illustrates that people are searching for causes or symptoms of various sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, and insomnia, all of which have lifestyle changes as root causes.”  

Most Sleep-Deprived States

10.  New Jersey

With an average monthly search volume of 724, New Jersey takes the tenth spot. ‘Sleep paralysis’ is among the most searched terms with an average of 8,277 searched per month.

Affecting 7.6 percent of the general population, sleep paralysis can occur at any age. There are a range of symptoms including paralysis of your limbs, shortness of breath, and sweating. While sleep paralysis is scary, there are no known long-term health consequences. 

9. Texas

With an average of 725 monthly searches per 100,000 residents, two of the most searched terms in Texas are ‘sleep deprivation’ and ‘sleep apnea symptoms’.

While symptoms for sleep apnea can vary, some of the most common include, dry mouth, headaches, needing to pee often throughout the night, and waking up in the night gasping for breath. 

8. Virginia

With 737 average monthly searches, Virginia is similar to New Jersey with ‘sleep paralysis’ being one of their most searched terms averaging 7,495 monthly.  

7. Connecticut

Coming in with 739 average monthly searches, the top three most searched terms for Connecticuters are ‘insomnia’, ‘sleep apnea’, and ‘sleep paralysis’ with an average of 2,920 monthly searches.

Sleep apnea is an episode of stopped breathing and in order for it to be considered sleep apnea pauses in breathing must occur at least five times each hour. The more episodes you have per hour, the more severe the sleep apnea. 

6. Georgia 

With an average of 743 monthly searches, Georgia follows Virginia and New Jersey with ‘sleep paralysis’ being their most searched for term averaging 10,227 monthly searches.

5. Nevada

Nevadans have an average of 753. ‘Insomnia’ and ‘sleep apnea’ are among the most searched terms.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, with a third of adults suffering from it at some point. It’s not just having trouble falling asleep though, it also can include the inability to stay asleep, fall back asleep after waking, or all three. 

4. Massachusetts

With a close lead, Massachusetts ranks fourth with an average of 754 monthly searches. Similarly to other states, ‘insomnia’ is the most common searched term with an average of 10,131 searches per month.

3. New York

Getting into our top three, New Yorkers average 765 monthly searches. Known as the city that never sleeps, ‘sleep music’ and ‘sleep meditation’ are among the top searched terms.

Trying to drown out the city noises (or just looking for sleepy toons)? White noise, green noise, and brown noise are among some of the most popular sounds to fall asleep to. Music can help improve sleep at all ages, with one study finding newborns’ sleep can be improved with happy music. 

2. Maryland

Maryland ranks second on the list, with an average of 770 searches per 100,000 residents monthly. Among the most searched terms for Maryland residents are ‘sleep deprivation symptoms’ with 449 average monthly searches, and ‘sleep aids’ with an average of 863 searches per month.

Symptoms from sleep deprivation can include, impaired memory, reduced motivation, daytime sleepiness and fatigue, and symptoms of anxiety or depression. 

1. California

Drum roll please. With an average of 805 monthly searches, California is crowned the most sleep-deprived state. Their top searched terms include, ‘sleep apnea treatment’ and ‘insomnia treatment’.

The most common treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine, however there is new research being done for a pill to help treat the sleep disorder.

How to Help Your Sleep Now

If you are still on the search to find the secret for a good night’s sleep, Sleepopolis’ director of sleep health, Dr. Shelby Harris, recommends starting with these three steps: 

  1. Keep consistency with bed/wake times 7 days a week. 
  2. Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable. 
  3. Add limits. Limit screens before bed and limit your alcohol and caffeine in the afternoon/evenings.

If you are still having trouble sleeping, talk with your doctor about effective treatment options.

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