Nectar Copper Pillow Review

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For the ancient Greeks, nectar was the drink of the gods that brought eternal life. For anyone shopping for a mattress or bedding online, Nectar is an affordable, direct-to-consumer sleep accessory and mattress brand. Could this Nectar bring eternally good sleep? You’ll have to keep reading this review to find out!

In this review, I’ll be going over the Nectar Copper pillow. I’ll discuss what this pillow is made of, how it feels, and who I think it’ll be best for, based on my personal experience testing it.

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Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow

The Nectar Copper pillow has a cooling cover and is filled with shredded memory foam.

Is the Nectar Copper Pillow a Good Pillow for You?

Every sleeper has different needs from their pillow, so let’s go over who the Nectar Copper is a good option for and who should consider another pillow.

Who should try the Nectar Copper pillow

  • Hot sleepers will appreciate how cool to the touch this pillow feels.
  • Back sleepers should sleep comfortably on this pillow, as it has a medium loft and medium firmness that are ideal for back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers should also be fairly comfortable on the Nectar Copper pillow. I found it to provide good support while on my side.

Who should not try the Nectar Copper pillow

  • Stomach sleepers likely won’t be comfortable on the Nectar Copper pillow. I found this pillow too lofty and firm, which caused my neck to crane upwards.
  • Shoppers looking for an adjustable pillow may want to consider another pillow. While this pillow is made with shredded foam — which is often an adjustable fill — this pillow cannot be adjusted.
  • Shoppers who prefer a classic memory foam pillow made from a block of foam may not love the feel of the shredded foam used in the Nectar Copper pillow. Shredded foam allows for more moldability and gives the pillow a less firm, sturdy feel.

What Does the Nectar Copper Pillow Feel Like? 

I personally tested the Nectar Copper pillow to understand how it feels, but keep in mind that feel is subjective, so you might have a different experience than I did.

Nectar Copper Pillow Firmness

Here at Sleepopolis, we rate pillows as either soft, medium, or firm. A soft pillow is best for stomach sleepers, a medium pillow is best for back sleepers, and a firm pillow is best for side sleepers to ensure the right amount of support to maintain spinal alignment.

I thought the Nectar Copper pillow had a medium firmness. The pillow does allow you to sink in a bit, and the shredded foam is flexible enough to mold around you, but it’s dense and sturdy enough to keep your head and neck supported.

Nectar Copper Pillow Loft

Pillows can also be categorized by loft, or height. At Sleepopolis, we rate a pillow as having either a low, medium, or high loft. Like firmness, each loft is best for a different sleeping position: low for stomach sleepers, medium for back sleepers, and high for side sleepers.

The Nectar Copper pillow is five inches tall, which means it has a medium loft.

Now let’s go over my experience with this pillow in each sleeping position.

Side — I found the Nectar Copper fairly comfortable for lying on my side. It’s not quite as firm or lofty as some of the best side sleeper pillows, but I felt my neck was properly supported enough to maintain alignment. I tend to prefer my pillows a little lower lofted, so if you have broader shoulders or a larger frame than me, you might want a taller and firmer pillow to ensure the space between your shoulder and the mattress is properly filled for support.

Back — For me, back sleeping was the most comfortable position on the Nectar Copper pillow. The medium loft and firmness work fantastically to get the right amount of neck support, while still getting some cozy pressure relief from the shredded foam.

Stomach — I did not find stomach sleeping on the Nectar Copper pillow to be comfortable. The pillow was too tall and not soft enough to prevent my neck from craning upwards. I’d recommend something soft, with a low loft, like one of our best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Under the Arm — I found laying with the Nectar Copper pillow under my arm to be quite comfortable. The shredded foam is moldable and makes the pillow easy to hug. Plus, the cooling cover prevents you from overheating.

Between the Legs — I think this pillow is a bit too lofty for most people to sleep comfortably with it between their legs. While it does offer some contouring and pressure relief for your legs, the height could put your hips out of alignment.

Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow

The Nectar Copper pillow has a cooling cover and is filled with shredded memory foam.

What is the Nectar Copper Pillow Made Of? 

Cover: The cover of the Nectar Copper pillow is made from a blend of 42 percent polyester, 36 percent polyethylene, and 22 percent copper-infused polyester fiber. The gusset on the sides is made from 75 percent polyester and 25 percent copper-infused polyester fiber.

Fill: The fill of the Nectar Copper pillow shredded memory foam and microfiber polyester filling encased in a microfiber shell.

This pillow is available in a standard and king size. I tested the standard size for this review.

Is the Nectar Copper Pillow Good for Hot Sleepers?

Cooling bedding products can be a real lifesaver for hot sleepers, particularly in the warmer months. I was happy to find the Nectar Copper pillow was quite cooling. The polyethylene-blend cover feels quite cool to the touch, keeping the surface of the pillow nice and cold. The copper fibers also help to promote cooling by drawing heat away from the body.

Plus, a shredded fill allows for airflow in the pillow — a benefit for keeping the pillow from overheating.

See more of our best cooling pillows here.

Nectar Copper Pillow Sizes and Prices

Wondering how much this pillow costs? Here’s a breakdown of the prices, by size.

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size. Click one of the coupons throughout this article to get our best deal.

Standard26″ x 17.3″ x 5″$125
King33.5″ x 17.3″ x 5″$135
Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow
Nectar Copper Pillow

The Nectar Copper pillow has a cooling cover and is filled with shredded memory foam.

My Final Thoughts About the Nectar Copper Pillow

All in all, I think the Nectar Copper is a great pillow. Its medium firmness and loft make it ideal for back sleepers, but I think it also works for most side sleepers. That could make it a good choice for back/side combo sleepers.

The Nectar Copper also has great temperature regulation features, so I think hot sleepers will love it. I was impressed that it felt quite cool to the touch and maintained a cold temperature while I was testing it.

However, this pillow isn’t a great choice for stomach sleepers, as it is just too tall and too firm to prevent their necks from craning upwards. 

Nectar Copper Pillow Policies and FAQs

How does the Nectar Copper pillow ship?

Nectar ships for free within the contiguous United States. They’ll also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional $150 per large item ordered.

Does the Nectar Copper pillow come with a sleep trial?

The Nectar Copper pillow comes with a 50-night sleep trial period, meaning you can test the pillow out at home for 50 nights. If you decide you don’t like the pillow, you can return it within that time frame for a full refund. Visit for the full return policy.

Does the Nectar Copper pillow come with a warranty?

Yes, Nectar offers a 5-year warranty with this pillow.

Is the Nectar Copper pillow machine washable?

Only the cover of this pillow is machine washable. The fill of the pillow should only be spot cleaned. To wash the cover, machine wash in cold water and tumble dry.

Does Nectar offer other sleep accessories?

Yes, Nectar sells a variety of other sleep accessories, including mattress protectors, bed frames, and weighted blankets.

Does the Nectar Copper pillow smell?

Sometimes memory foam mattresses and bedding products have a noticeable off-gassing smell when removed from their packaging. When I was unboxing the Nectar Copper pillow, I did not notice any off-gassing smells. If you do, simply let the pillow air out for a day or so before use.

Nectar Copper Pillow Vs

Still not sure if the Nectar Copper pillow is right for you? Let’s compare it to some competitor pillows.

Nectar Copper Pillow vs DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow


  • The DreamCloud Best Rest pillow is a memory foam pillow with CopperGel infusions and perforations for breathability.
  • Like the Nectar Copper, it has a cool-to-the-touch polyethylene-blend cover.
  • The DreamCloud Best Rest pillow is a great choice for back and side sleepers.
  • Want to learn more? Read my full DreamCloud Best Rest pillow review.
Check Prices Here
DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow
DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow
DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow

The DreamCloud Best Rest is a memory foam pillow made with a cool-to-the-touch cover and CopperGel foam. It's a great pillow for hot sleepers!

Nectar Copper Pillow vs TEMPUR-Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

  • The TEMPUR-Breeze Dual Cooling pillow is a memory foam pillow from Tempur-Pedic that features a gel memory foam layer on each side of the pillow to create a cool-to-the-touch feel.
  • This pillow offers a comfy, classic memory foam feel — letting you sink in deeply for contouring around the head and neck.
  • The TEMPUR-Breeze pillow is also comfortable for back and side sleepers.
  • To keep learning about this cooling Tempur-Pedic pillow, read my full TEMPUR-Breeze Dual Cooling pillow.
TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow
TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow
TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

This memory foam pillow features TEMPUR-Breeze cooling gel on each side.

Nectar Copper Pillow vs Casper Pillow


  • The Casper pillow is a down-alternative pillow with a medium-firm feel. It has a cotton cover with a breathable percale weave and is filled with polyester microfiber fill.
  • It’s a good choice for both side and back sleepers.
  • One perk of this pillow is it’s entirely machine washable. However, a con compared to the Nectar Copper is it’s not as cooling.
  • Want to learn more? Read our full Casper pillow review.
Casper Pillow
Casper Pillow
Casper Pillow

Sleepers can enjoy Casper's pillow-in-a-pillow design in order to customize the loft and feel!

Other Products from Nectar

Finally, here are my star ratings for the Nectar Copper pillow.

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Durability
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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