Marlow Pillow Review

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Finding the perfect bed pillows can be a challenge, but the Marlow pillow by Brooklinen is designed to be the “best pillow for most people.” Its adjustable and features foam and polyester fiber, but will it deliver on its lofty goals? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

I personally tested the Marlow pillow and in this review, I’ll go over what it’s made of, how it feels, and some pros and cons. Short on time? Just skip ahead for a review summary.

Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow

The Marlow pillow from Brooklinen is filled with shredded foam and polyester fiber fill and uses a zippered design to offer an adjustable feel.


Is the Marlow Pillow a Good Pillow for You?

Before we dive into the review, let’s go over who should try the Marlow pillow as their new pillow and who should consider another pillow instead.


Who should try the Marlow pillow

  • Back sleepers should sleep quite comfortably on the Marlow pillow, as it has a medium loft and medium firmness — perfect for slumbering on your back.
  • If you like a pillow with a bit of fluff that’s still supportive, you’ll probably find the Marlow comfy. It uses a combination of shredded foam and polyester fiber to create this feel.
  • If you want to adjust your pillow without removing fill, you might be interested in the Marlow pillow’s adjustable zipper design.

Who should not try the Marlow pillow

  • I wouldn’t recommend this pillow to full-time stomach sleepers. I felt decent while stomach sleeping on this pillow, but it still felt too lofty to spend a whole night on my stomach. I felt my neck craning just a bit on this pillow.
  • If you’re looking for a down-alternative pillow that feels like real down, this one is probably a touch firmer than you’re looking for. The shredded foam is much firmer and more supportive than down.
  • If you want an adjustable pillow that lets you radically alter the feel or loft of the pillow, you might be underwhelmed with the difference in feel created by zipping and unzipping the sides of the pillow.

What Does the Marlow Pillow Feel Like? 

I personally tested the Marlow pillow to get a sense of how it feels, but keep in mind that feel is subjective, so you may have a different experience than I did.

Marlow Pillow Firmness

When it comes to firmness, each sleeping position will generally be most comfortable on a different firmness level. For side sleepers, we recommend a firm feel. For back sleepers, we recommend a medium feel. And for stomach sleepers, we recommend a soft feel. These are chosen based on how they best maintain spinal alignment and prevent neck pain in each position.


I thought the Marlow pillow had an overall medium firmness. The pillow is designed to have an adjustable firmness, with zippers on each side. When zipped, it’s supposed to be firmer and when unzipped, it’s supposed to be more plush. While I did feel some slight differences in firmness with the sides zipped or unzipped, I felt both versions were within the range of medium and that the zipper didn’t drastically change the feel.

Marlow Pillow Loft

Similar to firmness, each sleeping position is generally most comfortable on pillows of different lofts, or heights. A high loft is best for side sleepers, a medium loft for back sleepers, and a low loft for stomach sleepers.

The Marlow pillow has a medium loft, although when unzipped, it does compress beneath your head and neck a bit more.


Now let’s go over how I felt with this pillow in each sleeping position.

Side — I found the Marlow pillow fairly comfortable for sleeping on my side, particularly with the sides zipped up. I felt supported and my neck felt in alignment with my spine. However, I will note that taller or larger side sleepers may not get enough support from this pillow, as they may have broader shoulders than I do and need a loftier, firmer pillow.


Back — I thought the Marlow pillow was very comfortable for back sleeping. The loft and firmness are just right for lying on your back and getting the right level of support. I thought both the zipped and unzipped versions worked well in this sleeping position.


Stomach — I felt the Marlow pillow was okay for stomach sleeping. I would definitely opt for unzipping the sides of this pillow if you are a stomach sleeper, as that allows you to sink in a bit more. Personally, I found the pillow still too lofty to comfortably sleep on my stomach, so I wouldn’t recommend it to full-time stomach sleepers. If you occasionally sleep on your stomach, this pillow may work well for you.


Under the Arm — The Marlow pillow is comfortable for sleeping with under the arm. It’s fairly squishable and huggable, thanks to the shredded foam and polyester fill.

Between the Legs — I also think the Marlow pillow works well between the legs, as the fill molds around your legs for some pressure relief.

What is the Marlow Pillow Made Of? 


Cover: The cover of the Marlow pillow is a 100 percent cotton shell in a sateen weave. There are zippers on the sides of the pillow, which are designed to allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow. When you unzip the pillow, you will see the 100 percent polyester mesh gussets.


Fill: Inside the Marlow pillow is a mix of 80 percent shredded polyurethane foam and 20 percent polyester fiber. The foam is gel-infused for an additional cooling effect.

This pillow is available in a standard and king size. I tested the standard size for this review.

Is the Marlow Pillow Good for Hot Sleepers?

I think the Marlow pillow is a decent pillow for hot sleepers. The mesh, the cotton cover, and the shredded foam fill should all allow for airflow and promote breathability, which helps to keep a pillow from overheating. It also has gel infusions in the foam, which are meant to draw heat away from the body. However, this pillow isn’t noticeably cool to the touch.


For more cooling pillow options, take a look at our best cooling pillows. And don’t forget to round out your bedding with some of our best cooling sheets.

Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow

The Marlow pillow from Brooklinen is filled with shredded foam and polyester fiber fill and uses a zippered design to offer an adjustable feel.

Marlow Pillow Sizes and Prices 

Curious how much this pillow costs? Here’s a breakdown of the prices, by size.

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size. To get our best deal, click one of the coupons throughout this article.

Size Dimensions Price
Standard 17.5″ x 26″ $65
King 17.5″ x 36″ $85
Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow
Marlow Pillow

The Marlow pillow from Brooklinen is filled with shredded foam and polyester fiber fill and uses a zippered design to offer an adjustable feel.

My Final Thoughts About the Marlow Pillow

The Marlow pillow is designed to work well for a variety of types of sleepers and I think overall, it succeeds. I found this pillow to be quite comfortable — I liked the plush, but supportive feel the shredded memory foam and polyester fiber fill provided. I found the adjustability zipper mechanism interesting, but somewhat underwhelming. While unzipping the pillow did allow for a slightly more plush feel, with more room to sink into the pillow, I thought the pillow overall felt the same whether the zippers were open or closed.


I think all sleeping positions could find comfort on this pillow, but it’s definitely best-suited for back sleepers, with a medium loft and medium firmness. It should also work decently for hot sleepers, as it has many breathable materials, but isn’t specifically cooling.


Marlow Pillow Policies and FAQs

How does the Marlow pillow ship?

The Marlow pillow is sold by Brooklinen and they ship for free within the United States. Brooklinen also ships internationally to a number of countries for an additional fee.

Does the Marlow pillow come with a sleep trial?

Yes, Brooklinen offers a 365-night sleep trial period with this pillow. That means you can test it out at home for a whole year and if you decide it's not a good fit for you, you can return it within that time period. Brooklinen will cover shipping fees for a domestic return and provide a full refund, according to their return policy.

Does the Marlow pillow come with a warranty?

Yes, the Marlow pillow comes with a 1-year warranty.

Is the Marlow pillow machine washable?

No, this pillow is spot-clean only.

Does the Marlow pillow need a pillowcase?

Yes, I would recommend using a pillowcase with this pillow, as it cannot be machine washed.

Marlow Pillow Vs

To help you make your final decision, here’s a comparison to some competitor pillows.

Marlow Pillow vs Saatva Latex Pillow


  • The Saatva Latex pillow uses a hybrid, pillow-within-a-pillow design with an inner layer of shredded latex and an outer layer of down-alternative microdenier fiber. It also has an organic cotton cover and is hypoallergenic.
  • This pillow feels like a fluffy, luxurious hotel pillow but with added support.
  • Like the Marlow pillow, the Saatva Latex pillow also works great for back sleeping, good for side sleeping, and just okay for occasional stomach sleeping.
  • Learn more about this pillow in my Saatva Latex pillow review.
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Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow
Saatva Pillow

A fluffable mix of down-alternative and Talalay latex makes this pillow cozy, cool, and great for combo sleepers! 

Marlow Pillow vs Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow


  • The TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable pillow is a memory foam pillow, unlike the Marlow pillow, which uses a blend of foam and fibers. It is filled with shredded TEMPUR material foam, Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary foam.
  • It’s adjustable and customizable because you can open the pillow up and remove filling to lower the loft.
  • It’s a good choice for back and side sleepers.
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TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow
TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow
TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

This adjustable pillow is filled with three different kinds of TEMPUR material foam.

Other Products from Brooklinen

Finally, here are my star ratings for the Marlow pillow.

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Durability
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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