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Sleep Education

N3: Slow Wave Sleep

If you woke up this morning feeling refreshed and energized, chances are you had plenty of N3 sleep. N3 is the third stage of sleep, and the deepest and most restorative of all

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Sleep Education

N2 Sleep: K Complexes and Sleep Spindles

If you’ve learned something new recently, chances are your newfound knowledge was committed to memory during the N2 stage of sleep. Memories are formed and learning takes place during N2, the second stage of

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Sleep Education

N1: Non Rapid-Eye Movement Sleep, Stage 1

To some of us, the first few minutes we spend falling asleep don’t really feel like sleep. Our minds may feel active and we may have brief, non-sensical thoughts that aren’t quite like

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Sleep Education

Nightmares: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Most of us know how it feels to wake from a nightmare: the clammy palms. The racing heart. The frightening, life-like images. Though they aren’t real, nightmares can be terrifyingly vivid. For those

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Sleep Education

The Purpose of Dreams

The purpose of dreams has been a subject of speculation for thousands of years. Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that dreams occurred because of residual movements of sensory organs, while psychiatrist Sigmund Freud theorized that

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What Are Dreams?

The mystery of dreams has captivated people for millennia. Questions abound about their nature and purpose. Are they messages from the subconscious? Repressed desires? Random and meaningless firing of neurons in the brain?

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Sleep Education

Microsleep – Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Nodding off during a meeting or while riding on public transit is a common experience. Though many of us think nothing of dozing for a few moments while reading a book or waiting

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