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In today’s unboxing video we’re opening up one of the most unique mattresses to join the online mattress industry, Helix Sleep. Most online mattress companies are trying to create a single mattress that meets the needs of most sleepers. Helix is taking a different approach and instead is creating a mattress that is customized and constructed based on the specific needs of each sleeper.

Before you order a Helix mattress you’ll have to complete their short mattress quiz. This quiz looks at a litany of characteristics, attributes, and other sleep factors to help create a mattress that’s customized and perfectly suited to your needs. From height, weight, body type, firmness preference, support, cooling, and more, the customization quiz pretty much covers it all. I’ll have much more on the customization process in my full review, but for now let’s take a look at the unboxing video.

Initial Thoughts

Normally I would include a brief summary of the firmness, cooling, support, and other feel elements of the mattress. However, for the Helix it’s a bit different. The mattress I tested was customized to both my needs and the needs of my wife. Your mattress would also be 100% customized to your needs.

I’m tall and thin, my wife is average height and weight, neither of us sleep tremendously hot, and we both like a fairly medium firm feel. After night #1 the Helix did a great job of covering off on all of our sleep needs beautifully. Despite the customized feel of my mattress, there are other elements that will be consistent for all Helix mattresses.

  • Customization – as I mentioned a few times above, each mattress is 100% customized to your needs. The layers, densities, and other construction factors vary based on your preferred firmness, size, cooling requirements, support needs, and other factors. It’s a really interesting concept.
  • Cover – the cover is thin, which promotes cooling and allows the sleeper to engage directly with the foam layers. It has a subtle checkerboard pattern and a nice contrasting two-tone design.
  • Split profile available – one of the coolest customization attributes, the “spit” mattress. Helix can split any Queen, King, or California King down the middle. This allows you to customize each side of the mattress differently, without having to have two separate mattresses. Great for couples with different needs.

Check back later this week for my full review on the Helix mattress.

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