Presidents Day Mattress Sale 2016

SALES SALES SALES! Are you looking to buy a new mattress but can’t justify spending a large amount of money? Worry no more, President’s Day is here and it’s time to land some big savings! There are a number of great sales that take place on this historical day and we want to be sure you’re ready to tackle them with confidence.

With that said, these sales can often come across as tricky or deceiving. In addition to that, a lot of people are confused about where to look or how to find some of the best deals. Sleepopolis has created a quick guide to help make this big day a successful one. We’ve highlighted the most important topics you should pay attention to while shopping the sales for your new mattress.

Best President’s Day Mattress Deals

LeesaAvena + memory foamSave $75 off + a $25 Target gift card with this link$865
Nest Alexander Hybridpocketed coils + foam Save $200 with code SPECIAL200 and this link$999
Nest Alexandermemory foam + gel Save $100 with code ALEXANDER100 and this link$1,099
GhostBedlatex foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS50 and this link$745
Helix SleepcustomSave $50 with this link$849
Brooklyn Beddinglatex foamSave 5% + get 2 free latex pillows with code this link$712
4Sleepmemory foamSave $75 with code SLEEPOPOLIS and this link$824
Plushbeds100% latexSave $50 with code SLEEPOP5 and this link. Get 2 latex pillows + Egyptian cotton sheets + mattress protector for free.Prices vary
Bearmemory foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS50 and this link$775
Love Bedlatex foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS and this link$774
WinkBedspocketed coils + foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS50 and this link$1,099
Zottomemory foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS and this link$900
eLuxurymemory foamSave 15% with code SLEEPOPOLIS$463
Live and Sleepmemory + transition foamSave $75 with code SLEEPOPOLIS75 and this link$799
Honest Bedpocketed coils + foamSave $100 with code HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS and this link$1,899
Endymemory + transition foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS and this link$700
Bedgearbedding productsSave $20 with code SLEEPOPOLIS20Prices vary
Yogabedmemory + custom foamSave $50 with code SMR50$749

Narrowing Your Mattress Sales Search

Deciding where to start your President’s Day mattress sale research can often be tricky. With so many companies on the internet as well as a plethora of brick and mortar stores, consumers can find themselves overwhelmed very quickly. There are a couple of important steps to follow when beginning your research:

  1. Set your budget and decide what type of sale you’re going for – Is your ideal sale one from a store? Or do you enjoy online shopping? In stores, you will more than likely fall into a trap and think you’ve landed a steal of a deal. In many cases the perceived “savings” you’re getting is the difference between the store’s markup price and the original price of the mattress. Typically, these stores will increase the prices of their mattresses and follow those increases by a big “sale” price. Some online companies do this as well, though it is less wide spread. In general, by very careful of sales that seem to good to be true.
  2. Research sales – after setting your budget, you have to convince yourself that this is a firm number. Otherwise, you will be attracted to any sale that sounds appealing. This is where research comes into play. If you spend a little time checking out the sales before the big day, you can eliminate any sales you want to avoid and decide which President’s Day sale you want to attack. This will also aid in breaking the companies you want to deal with and the most appropriate mattress style for yourself.

What’s the Best Mattress Type for You?

This topic is one of the most overlooked categories. With so many mattress styles followed by an abundance of companies, how do you really know which mattress type is best for you? Simple. Ask a lot of questions and do your research.

By reading mattress reviews, you can quickly eliminate mattress styles that don’t link up with your preferences. You can also determine which type of mattress you need to be sleeping on. There are a large amount of reviews for every sleeping style that will help to narrow down your search.

GUIDE: Check out our 6 step guide on how to choose a mattress

Not to mention, it’s extremely beneficial for you to ask any questions you may have. Or better yet, maybe you just want a professional opinion? Take the time to ask these questions because in the long run, they will boost your confidence and provide you the reassurance you need to purchase a mattress.

Additionally, be very wary of mattress salesmen that seem to be overly pushing a particular deal. Some stores will aggressively push a particular mattress, whether it’s best for you or not. This is why it’s so important to understand what you’re buying and what you need before you head out to shop (on or offline).

COMPARE: Mattress comparison tool

Lookout for Mattress Sales Gimmicks

Many retail stores will simply tell you what you want to hear because they will make a commission if you purchase a mattress. This is exactly what you need to avoid when searching for your new mattress. Your goal as a sleeper should be to buy a mattress that meets your individual needs and save a little money along the way. Avoid their tricks and markups.

I highly recommend doing your mattress research online. In most cases, the best mattress and the best price is online. But, even if it’s not, you will have armed yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision no matter where you decide to buy.

President’s Day Mattress Sale Final Tips

Hunting down the best sale can be a daunting task. By following the tips we have touched on, you are bound to land a deal you won’t regret. Do your research and you will save a little money while making your way towards a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Do your research – research ahead of the sales and make sure you know what you want to buy, where you want to buy it, and how much you want to spend before the mattress sales start up
  • Mattress types – deciding on the mattress type is a tough challenge. You have spring, pocketed coils, foam, hybrids, air, water, and many more. There are pros and cons to each. Research your favorite types and make sure the comfort dynamic is best for you.
  • Be ware of gimmicks – all holiday sales, especially in-store, should be purchased with caution. Make sure the mattress you’re buying is actually worth the price you’re paying. Don’t get suckered into buying a mattress that’s not going to last in the long run.

Additional Helpful Hints

Below are a few areas I created to help make your mattress research a little easier:

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