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Best Cooling Mattress

Do you tend to overheat while you snooze? Then you may be an ideal candidate for a cooling mattress! Typically designed with special cooling properties, these beds are built to absorb and dissipate body heat with ease, ensuring nights of peacefully cool sleep. But what makes these mattresses so darn cooling and how do you know if you’ve found a bed that’ll actually regulate your temperatures at night? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

In this guide, I’m going to introduce you to the best cooling mattresses on the market. Though they differ somewhat in terms of construction and design, they all feature cooling properties that are sure to mitigate your overheating woes. After we go over the picks, we’ll then dig into the methodology we used to select them. Then, we’ll wrap things up with a few expert tips you can use on your own mattress search.

best cooling mattress

Best Memory Foam

Classic Brands

If you like the feel of memory foam, but don’t like how it traps body heat, the 10” Gel-Infused Memory Foam mattress from Classic Brands could be the one for you. Here, a cooling gel infusion works to mitigate the overheating tendencies of memory foam, dissipating heat and keeping things chill all night long. 


  • Side sleepers, rejoice! This bed features plenty of sinkage and body-contouring, ensuring plenty of relief at the shoulders and hips. 
  • While this much sinkage would normally result in overheating, the gel infusion helps to cool things down. 
  • If you want a luxury feel, you’ll surely be satisfied by the plush vibe of this Classic Brands model. 


  • Those after a firmer feel will want to look elsewhere, as this bed is supremely soft and could send the spine out of alignment while on the stomach or back. 
Classic Brands
Classic Brands
Classic Brands

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress's gel infusion works to mitigate the overheating tendencies of memory foam, dissipating heat and keeping things chill all night long.

Best Latex


If you’re looking to cool down with a little latex, I’d recommend checking out this hybrid mattress from Lucid. It’s built with naturally cooling latex, gel-infused memory foam, and a section of breathable individually wrapped coils. All in all, a responsive mattress that’s not prone to overheating. 


  • This mattress has some really nice bounce, so could be a good option for folks after excellent mobility. 
  • It also strikes a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support, so could be great for a wide range of sleepers. 
  • In general, it provides sink without overheating, which could be great for folks who like to feel hugged by their bed. 


  • Unfortunately, it’s probably not firm enough for stomach sleepers as these folks need a touch more lift at the hips to achieve even spinal alignment.

The Lucid Hybrid is built with naturally cooling latex, gel-infused memory foam, and a section of breathable individually wrapped coils.

Best for Couples


For couples looking to sleep cool, allow me to introduce you to the gel hybrid mattress from BedStory. Designed specifically with cooling in mind, this bed combines convoluted foam with gel-infused memory foam and pocketed coils to create a highly breathable structure. Plus, it’s got fantastic edge support and low motion transfer, so could be ideal for restless bed mates. 


  • I think couples would be most compatible with this bed. Not only is it cooling, but it transfers motion evenly over the surface and has consistent support from the center all the way to the sides. 
  • Side sleepers could also find a lot to love in the gentle top layer of memory foam, which cushions the shoulders and hips. 
  • This bed could also work wonders for hot sleepers as all of its layers feature properties that work to dissipate body heat. 


  • Budget-conscious shoppers may want to look elsewhere, as this isn’t necessarily the most affordable bed on the market.

The BedStory combines convoluted foam with gel-infused memory foam and pocketed coils to create a highly breathable structure.

Best for Back Sleepers

Tuft & Needle

Looking for a supportive mattress that also sleeps cool? Then the all-foam Tuft & Needle may be the one for you. With a simple, two-layer design, this mattress has a surprisingly firm feel that could work wonders for back sleepers looking for plenty of lift and mobility. Plus, a gel infusion in the top layer helps to dissipate body heat evenly throughout the structure. 


  • I’m a fan of the no-frills construction! This allows the design to speak for itself, resulting in a nice, straightforward vibe. 
  • It’s also quite affordable, so could be a good pick for folks on a budget. 
  • Hot sleepers could also find a lot to enjoy in the cooling gel infusion, which works to dissipate heat evenly along the surface of the bed. 


  • The bed might be a bit too firm for side sleepers, who generally like to go for a softer structure that’ll better support the shoulders and hips as they press into the structure. 
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle has a surprisingly firm feel that could work wonders for back sleepers looking for plenty of lift and mobility.

How We Picked

Now that we’ve discussed our picks, let’s chat about the methodology used to select them. Think of this section as a round up of all the important factors you should consider when looking for a great cooling mattress.


The materials used in a mattress can give you a big hint as to whether or not the bed will sleep cool, warm, or hot. In general, a material sleeps cool if it is able to breathe well, encouraging airflow throughout the structure.

For example, a traditional spring coil system is very breathable, because the space between the coils flows freely. On the other hand, memory foam is not very breathable, as the dense material tends to trap and absorb body heat. To help you better understand the cooling capabilities of the most common bedding materials, I’ve ranked them from most cooling to least:

  1. Steel Coils – Since there’s a lot of space left between steel coils in an innerspring or hybrid mattress, air is able to circulate freely, creating a cooler sleeping experience.
  2. Latex – Latex is a naturally cooling material, so helps to mitigate overheating by dissipating body heat throughout a structure.
  3. Gel foams – Foams that have been infused with gel help to curb foam’s tendency to trap body heat.
  4. Advanced poly foams – Usually modified with cooling gel infusions or ventilated builds, poly foams that have been altered tend to sleep cooler than basic poly foam.
  5. Advanced memory foams – Memory foam tends to sleep hot, but if it’s been infused with gel, copper, or graphite, it may sleep cooler.
  6. Basic poly foams – Dense and therefore partial to retaining heat.
  7. Basic memory foams – Perhaps the densest bedding material, so arguably the worst at trapping heat.


Aside from keeping an eye out for cooling materials, you’ll also want to pay attention to any and all cooling infusions. These work to regulate temperatures throughout a structure and modify a material’s natural tendency to hold onto heat. Some of the most common include gel, graphite, and copper infusions.

  • Gel – A true gel works like water. Water helps cool because it can absorb an enormous amount of heat before the temperature of the water has been discernibly changed. Gel works the same way. It absorbs heat and holds it. In this way, a gel has a maximum level of heat it can absorb before it too will begin to heat up. Therefore, a solid piece of gel foam is going to be more effective than one that simply has a gel swirl or specks of gel.
  • Graphite – Graphite is a relatively new infusion on the bedding scene, and works to absorb and dissipate body heat. Like gel, graphite can be incorporated either as a solid block of foam or in small “specks” spread throughout the entire layer.
  • Copper – Some experts claim that copper ions not only help to neutralize high temps, but to improve the immune system and reduce inflammation. You’ll find copper infused into some mattresses on the market.


Another buzzword to look out for is “ventilation.” If a brand advertises that its materials are ventilated, it means they’ve been perforated with either small holes or narrow channels to encourage airflow. While ventilated foams can do a lot to cool down a mattress, they’re most effective when combined with other cooling materials, such as gel-infused foams or tall coil systems.


When considering the design of a cooling mattress, material placement is key. Long story short, you’ll want to keep the coolest materials closest to the sleeper. With that in mind, top layers of latex, gel-infused memory foam, or breathable cotton are going to be more effective than top layers of untreated memory foam or poly foam. Truly, a hot top layer can set the tone for an entire mattress, even if all the other materials in the bed are built with cooling properties.


What are the best mattresses to keep you cool?

The best mattresses to keep you cool are designed specifically with cooling in mind! Bed that feature naturally cooling latex and gel-infused foams are among the most cooling on the market.

Do cooling mattresses really work?

Definitely! But, they work best when paired with cooling bedding and an external temperature set between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the best mattress for night sweats?

The best mattress for night sweats is one that’s highly breathable. Consider a hybrid mattress that combines a tall section of coils with naturally cooling latex. This kind of bed will promote excellent airflow while working to dissipate body heat.

Is there a cooling mattress?

Nowadays, many companies sell beds designed specifically to sleep cool! Look out for beds that feature latex, gel-infused foams, and tall coil sections as these materials all help to cool down a structure.

Sleepopolis Tips

Still confused? No sweat! Use these expert tips to make your mattress search a (cooling) breeze.

  • Most cooling mattresses will be named for the thermoregulating properties they use, so keep your eyes peeled for buzzwords like “aloe vera,” “gel,” “ventilated,” and “bamboo.”
  • Love your bed except for the fact that it sleeps hot? Consider buying a cooling mattress topper! This will help cut down on the hot temps and keep you cozy all night long.
  • If you’ve made all these changes and find that you’re still sleeping hot, you may want to turn down the temperature in your bedroom. Most experts agree that your thermostat should be set somewhere between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit for optimized sleeping.

Wrapping Up

Well folks, that’s it for this guide to the best cooling mattresses on the market. When shopping for one of your own, pay extra close attention to the materials being used, the cooling properties being deployed, and the overall construction of the bed. Then, you’ll be well on your way to scoring the bed that’s 100% right for you and your cooling needs.

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