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Best Mattress 2019

We have personally tested and reviewed over 200 mattresses over the last 5 years. The seemingly infinite number of options is nothing short of dizzying! Not only are there choices to be found at brick-and-mortar stores, but now there are a huge number of wildly popular mattresses sold exclusively online – that offer generous trial periods and return policies. After all things considered, these are our top mattress picks for 2019.

Editors Pick

Nectar Mattress


Comfortable yet supportable memory foam, plus a 180 night risk-free home trial, make Nectar an easy pick for Editor’s Choice. I especially like the Nectar because it works for any sleeping position.


Though relatively new to the mattress world (about 3 years now), Nectar has quickly grown to become one of the most popular mattress brands because of the incredible sleeping experience it delivers at a much more affordable price than mattresses with comparable materials. The mattress is constructed with two top layers of memory foam and a layer of base foam, and I especially love the classic conforming and slow-moving memory foam feel.

Great Option For:

A sleeper looking for a great mix of support and plush comfort. The Nectar offers the support for both back and stomach sleepers, while offering pressure relief and great spinal alignment for side sleepers. Choose Nectar if you’re looking for an “affordable luxury” sleep experience.

Great for Side Sleepers

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress


The Zinus is made with high-quality memory foam that is a great fit for side sleepers looking to alleviate pressure on their hips and shoulders. I recommend choosing the 10″ or 12″ thick options if you are a side sleeper.


Zinus has been a Sleepopolis favorite and one of the most popular brands on Amazon for a long time running because of the quality of the materials at such a low price point. The mattress comes in various thicknesses, which simplified really means that thicker models will have more memory foam.

Great Option For:

A side sleeper that needs that extra pressure relief on the hips and shoulders. The Zinus mattress absolutely my favorite that I’ve reviewed you’re looking to spend less than $300 (for a Queen size).

Best Value

Linenspa Innerspring and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


The Linenspa mattress delivers a quality sleeping experience at a bare-bones price. When I first reviewed Linenspa, I was actually shocked that such an inexpensive hybrid mattress could deliver such a nice sleeping experience.


You’d be hard pressed to find a quality hybrid mattress (springs and foam) for under $600, much less at the prices that Linenspa delivers. The mattress is constructed with memory foam, comfort foam, and innersprings – so the feel really an equal mix between a “traditional” spring mattress and a foam mattress.

Great Option For:

If you’re looking to really keep the budget low, Linenspa is definitely a great pick. Most people will be able to tell the difference between something like Nectar or Zinus and Linenspa – but that doesn’t mean that Linenspa isn’t a wonderful sleeping experience. For the shopper that is on a smaller budget, or one that prefers a no-frills mattress, Linenspa is a fantastic pick.

Best Mattress Requirements and Scoring

Choosing the best mattress brands for 2019 wasn’t an easy task. There are hundreds of companies in the world, and I personally tested out and reviewed dozens of different models in my quest to answer the seemingly innocuous question: What is the best mattress?

And even though I’ve landed on what I think are some really fabulous picks, I want to acknowledge that this list is always evolving and that my opinions are likely to change as newer beds emerge on the market.

That being said, all mattresses included on this list had to meet the following criteria:

Time Frame

My selections for the best mattresses to buy in 2019 all had to be available in 2018 for at least six months prior to this review, with a slight edge given to those models on the market for a year or longer.

Why is this important? For one thing, the longer a company’s been in business, the more confidence I have in its ability to deliver on warranty promises, return policies, and product availability. Secondly, it tells me that people are responding to its goods, which means the materials are durable and the designs are well-executed. And finally, it suggests that the company is going to be around for the long haul, making it a solid investment.

Customer Service

In my opinion, the overall customer experience is just as important as an exceptional product. If a brand has an amazing bed but negligent customer service representatives or confusing policies, I can’t in good faith include it on this list.

So how do I ensure that a company has top-notch customer service? I’m constantly scouring the Web for third-party reviews, looking closely to see if users have been neglected or received lackluster service from a particular retailer. I also keep my eyes on social media for any brand red flags, which I then investigate on my own.

Additionally, I rely on all of you! If I notice that our great Sleepopolis readers are responding in a particularly good or bad way to a company, I’ll adjust my rankings accordingly, always giving precedence to brands that have a killer track record of positive customer service reviews.


As more and more bed-in-a-box companies surface in the digital ether, value has become an increasingly important factor for me to consider when selecting the best mattresses of any given year.

And when I refer to value, I’m not just talking about a low price point. A great value is achieved when the selling price is well below the average market cost for what you’d ordinarily need to pay for a mattress of that quality and performance. In this way, mattresses at all points on the pricing scale can be considered an exceptional value.

Company Integrity

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about company integrity. While different folks will think about integrity in different ways, for me, it comes down to a few crucial questions:

  • How does a company treat its customers, both those who are happy and those with complaints?
  • How transparent is a brand about the kinds of materials it uses and from where it sources those materials?
  • Has the company received any accolades voted on by users?
  • What, if any, outreach did the company do in 2017? In 2018?
  • What are some of the brand’s key values? How does it enact those values in its day-to-day operations?

It doesn’t take long to figure out the answers to these questions, and once I do, I use them to inform my rankings as much as comfort or price. In my experience, the best mattress brands are those that not only want to be the best but truly want to do right by the sleepers who rest on their beds night after night.

If you’re in search of the best mattress, there are a few other questions you may want answered as well.

What Should I Look for in a Mattress?

To find their best mattress, most purchasers will consider cost, firmness, adjustability, and sleep style before buying. You may want to check with your doctor first if you experience any sort of pain after sleeping. This will help you choose the best mattress for you.

How Often Do You Need a New Mattress?

How long is a mattress supposed to last? No matter what kind of mattress you buy, most should be replaced every ten years for a good night’s rest and optimal comfort. Even if you find your dream mattress, you’ll want to think about a replacement in a decade.

Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.