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What mattress companies ship to Canada?

As the online mattress industry grows, so does the need for shipping outside of the United States. More and more companies are beginning to expand their shipping into areas outside of the U.S., but there are still a number of mattress companies that haven’t quite made the transition yet.

To make your mattress research a little bit easier Sleepopolis has put together a list of companies that will ship to Canada. Additionally, I’ve included extra costs, shipping time, and other details you’ll want to know.

Mattress companies that ship to Canada

Below is a full list of all major online mattress companies that currently ship to Canada (and also those that don’t yet). I’ll be updating this list as new companies begin to ship to Canada.

CompanyShips to Canada?DeliveryShipping CostsDetails
LeesaYes9-21 daysFreeShips via UPS ground
Loom & LeafYes9-18 days$99Only ships to the Toronto area. Will also ship to bordering US ports if you want to forward to a non-Toronto location.
SaatvaYes9-18 days$99Only ships to the Toronto area. Will also ship to bordering US ports if you want to forward to a non-Toronto location.
Nest BeddingYes10-25 days$193-$415Shipping costs based on weight.
Brooklyn BeddingYes10-12 days$250
eLuxurySupplyYes8-12 days$60Shipping costs based on weight.
AmerisleepYes7-9 daysFreeMake sure to order from Amerisleep.ca
EndyYes3-6 daysFreeHeadquartered and manufactured in Canada
CasperYes2-3 daysFree
HelixYes7-10 days$150 CAD
Tuft & NeedleYes3-12 days$17-$112
4SleepYes2-8 days$75
WinkbedNot yet
ZottoNot yet
YogabedNot yet
BearNot yet
GhostBedNot yet

Find comprehensive reviews, comparisons, videos, and more for all of these in our complete mattress reviews page.

Is it worth shipping a mattress from the US

Absolutely! With the number of companies willing to ship to Canada you have several great options. You can find a mattress that meets your needs, desires, and works great for you. Granted, the shipping costs are going to be a good bit more expensive. However, even with the increased costs of shipping you can usually still save yourself a good chunk of money vs. buying in a traditional retail store.

Over the course of the last year several new companies have started shipping to Canada. As we move into 2016 and beyond I would expect we’ll continue to see this number grow. If the mattress you’re interested in buying doesn’t ship to Canada let them know via social media! As interest builds you can be sure more mattress companies will consider expanding shipping to Canada.


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33 thoughts on “What mattress companies ship to Canada?”

  1. Would you have a good recommendation for a bed with following criteria:

    1. 250 lbs
    2. Side Sleeper
    3. Ships to Canada
    4. Natural, Organic, Completely clean Mattress
    5. Works on a box spring, as our new bed frame needs a box spring and mattress
    6. Sleeps close to edge sometimes/sits on edge

    I was looking at Obasan, Plushbeds and the new silk and snow organic

    btw, great review website…

    • I’ve never tried the Obasan. Plushbeds could work but I would lean towards one of their hybrid versions. I haven’t tried the Silk & Snow Organic but I just reviewed the Silk & Snow Hybrid and was impressed with the support, so I think those mattresses are good quality.

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for what you are doing! So appreciated!
    My head is spinning with reviews! Our last purchase was an IKEA latex bed. It was good at first but now is sagging and really hurting our backs. I am 140lbs and my husband is 250lbs. We want a king size. Our top requirements are good back support and durability, we want the good back support to last! and a cool bed as we like heavy blankets! We don’t like quicksand memory foam but pressure relief is important as we do have middle age aches and pains. I am mostly a side sleeper and my husband is side and back. I’d like to stay under 1500$, closer to 1000$. And free shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve made a list of Novosbed-medium (at 1655,maybe too expensive)
    Brunswick, Logan &Cove, and Saatva classic firm. And maybe Amerisleep(more research needed here)
    Is there any I missed? Any I should take off?

    • If you don’t like memory foam then I would remove the Novosbed and Amerisleep from your list. The options that you mentioned that stick out to me are the Logan & Cove and the Saatva Classic. I think the Saatva Classic is going to be the most durable for you, but since you and your husband both spend a portion of the night on you side I would go with the Luxury Firm (medium) version. It should be supportive enough and I think the Firm isn’t going to be the right feel for side sleepers.

  3. Regarding mattresses that ship to Canada, here are a few more that are made in Canada and seem like really good quality. Chirofoam Mattress, Haven Mattress, Fleep Mattress, Silk and Snow Mattress, Douglas by Novosbed Mattress. These mattress companies are probably not that well known. I wish there were more reviews on them.

  4. My other concern with BB is, the final price on their website only shows the mattress fee + shipping cost…I’m guessing that doesn’t include the taxes? (which automatically means the mattress will end up costing beyond my budget)

    • HI Himanshu,

      I’m not sure how taxes and such are handled to Canada, so unfortunately I’m no help there, sorry!

      BB and Endy are both quality mattresses, and though they are in the same category in terms of “feel”, they are distinct. I would say zero in on the feel and construction sections of the review to see which one would work best.

      In terms of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals – most companies do offer the best deals of the year during this time, but the deals aren’t insane. Most likely you’d end up saving an extra $50 or so on the average bed-in-a-box.

  5. Need a mattress shipped to Vancouver for Dec 1 (when I move to a new place)

    I’m looking for a medium firm mattress but preferably with a bit of spring to it (and thus prefer latex/hybrid over pure foam – not against either though)

    My budget is preferably under 1000 CAD – currently torn between Endy and Brooklyn Bedding – the latter looks great but I’m not sure it will fall within my budget (or how easy it’ll be to get a refund, etc if it doesn’t work out). Endy looks great too but its pure foam and feels a little “cheaper” than the likes of BB, Ghostbed or Casper (although latter two are just outside my budget)

    Also does it make sense to wait for Black Friday in the hope of snagging a good deal? I can buy a cheap mattress topper and live on that for a few days/weeks if need be

    Let me know what you think – thanks!

  6. Hello I am wondering if you can give me your recommendation. I’m 240 pounds I’m a side sleeper wake up on stomach most times. I work manual labour so I want back support. I live in Montreal. Queen size. I like being cool at night.

    • I have several good ideas for you, but if you could I just have a few final questions that will help me to make the most informed recommendation for you:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the firmest (and as hard as the floor)?

      Do you have a strong preference for or against any material type (ex. memory foam, latex foam, coils, hybrids, etc.)?

      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?

      What size mattress are you looking for?


    • I’m looking for under 1000$ I have gotten two pillow tops with prings in then I think and horrible beds got in last 8 years. I’m using another one now no pillow top but springs in it and its even worse I wake up about 6 times a night and back is killing me. I don’t think I like fire but middle should be good or little higher. And queen as I’m thinking of getting the bed frame that lifts so can sit in bed and read. Or king but then it’s way more expensive for the bed frame.

    • Thank you for answering those few questions. Based on your preferences, I would recommend the Leesa, Purple, and Helix mattress.

      All three of these mattresses tend to be good fits for back pain. Additionally, they are able to support your weight, provide a decent degree of cooling, and each has a thin cover with a very responsive feel. Therefore, the quilted cover should no longer be an issue.

      Hope this helps to provide a little insight for you. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, thanks!

    • Also I was wondering if you could add another link on your website. You put a list of Canadian mattress companies and USA mattress.

    • What I mean by posting Canada mattresses like right now Canada is 25 or $0.28 lower on the dollar than the United States so what I was saying is if you could post a tab that it’s a Canada currency not a United States currency. Also if it ships to Canada unless I missed it.

  7. Also in Canada with a lot of respect to your opinions,, Choosing between Plush Beds Soft Latex (Split queen) = no motion transfer and decent support while being soft and cloud like, and comparing that to the soft Colonial from Amerisleep, or Nest Alexander soft.
    Pressure relief, then soft plushy comfort, Side sleeper, 160lbs, Do they all feel “Similar” or is one more Floating on a cloud feeling of the 3.
    I do not mind sinking, One thing.. hoping to not have a body impression like our Sealy pocket coil had after 3 weeks, but boy it was comfortable, now in a Med/Firm Kingsdown and like most I tried it is Too Hard!

    • Hi Steve,

      I would say the Colonial and Alexander soft are going to have a little more of that cloud like softness you’re looking for. That’s just the nature of memory and poly foams in general, especially as compared to latex, in my opinion. Latex can be soft, but you don’t get that same degree of cushy-ness (if tha tmakes sense).

    • The Endy prices are shown in US dollars. Additionally, I believe the Endy falls between a 6-7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, depending on the weight of the sleeper.

  8. Update on Leesa: they do ship for free to Canada, and they cover all Canadian import & brokerage fees. But they use UPS Ground, which takes more like 9 – 21 days to Canada, not 3 – 5 days as stated in your table. I’m on the west coast of Canada and ordered a Leesa mattress over a week ago, and it’s not due to arrive for another week at least. I check the UPS tracking information daily and it’s slowly making its way up to the border on a truck. :-)

  9. I was going to buy a Casper and now after reading your reviews it seems pointless and I now want a Purple mattress. Sigh. Do you know if and when they’ll start shipping to Canada? I’m in Alberta?

    • Hi, I have found your review site to be extremely helpful and so very well laid out and easy to navigate. I also love that you so professionally respond to comments and still keep an unbiased opinion while trying to help people pick the perfect mattress. I am impressed. I just purchased a Leesa mattress online last night and can’t wait for it to arrive. I appreciate the information you provided to us Canadians as well because it can be a challenge to order online from the US and keep shipping free or to a minimum cost. Again, thank you what you are doing!!!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Adam. They really do mean a lot to me. I take a lot of pride in Sleepopolis and I try my hardest to create the best resource I possibly can.

      I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with your Leesa. It’s a great mattress! Definitely let me know how you like it once it arrives.

      Thanks so much.

    • After a lot of research, I selected a Purple mattress as I have lower back pain and sciatica so i need more support. they dont ship to Canada but I still want to get it. just figuring out how.

    • It looks like Purple now ships to Canada, for about $139 USD for a Twin XL during checkout. I’m trying to get a hold of them to ask how returns might work if needed (since the mattess will be “unrolled”) but haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone by email or phone yet.

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