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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mattress Sale 2018!

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner (November 22, to be exact), which means two of our favorite days of the year will be trailing close behind… that’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

A non-holiday Holiday that’s been popular in the United States since at least the early 1970s, Black Friday is a time for early bird shoppers to stretch their wings and peruse a bevy of department store discounts before the sun rises. But great deals aren’t only to be discovered in store; nowadays, the savings go all weekend long, capping with a blowout Internet bonanza known affectionately as Cyber Monday.

In anticipation of the upcoming shopping extravaganza, we’ve compiled the most fantastic Black Friday & Cyber Monday mattress deals we could find! We’ll be updating this up until the big day, so make sure to check back throughout the week.


  • The Deal – Now through Cyber Monday, enjoy 10% off all mattress purchases.
  • Helpful Links – Take a peek at our reviews of the CasperEssential and Wave as well as our comparison of all three. Like what you see? Purchase them, here.
  • The Goods – The recently redesigned Casper Mattress now features an interior layer of Zoned Support, which helps to bolster the all-foam construction with additional pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.


  • The Deal – On November 27th get $100 off any Purple Mattress (King, Queen or Full) or $50 Twin XL, plus get a free Purple blanket when you spend $998 or more.
  • Helpful Links – Check out my review of the original Purple mattress and New Purple mattresses as well as my comparison between them. Like what you see? Make the purchase, here.
  • The Goods – Since its founding in 2016, Purple’s become one of the most popular online-only mattress brands on the market with its special smart comfort technology.

Brooklyn Bedding

  • The Deal – From 11/21 to 11/25, enjoy 25% off all mattress purchases as well as 40% off bedding.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Signature and the Aurora. Like what you see? Make the purchase, here. Brooklyn Bedding also offers current and former members of the U.S. Military a lifetime 25% discount off all bedding products.
  • The Goods – Brooklyn Bedding features one all-foam mattress (Bowery) as well as two hybrids (the Signature & Aurora). All three are built for comfort, with a special emphasis on cooling.


  • The Deal – Save $125 on your purchase of a Nectar mattress and get two free pillows. Offer applies directly at checkout!
  • Helpful Links – Read our full review of the Nectar here or head straight over to purchase yours today by clicking here.
  • The Goods – Nectar makes a memory foam mattress that is great for side sleepers. With three layers of memory foam you’ll definitely feel like you’re sinking in for some great pressure relief.


  • The Deal – Running from 11/16 through 12/2, get $125 any sized Layla mattress + two free Eli & Elm premium pillows. The offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – For more on Layla, check out our full review of both its mattress and its pillow. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – While the Layla has a fairly standard four-layer foam construction, what sets this mattress apart is that it’s completely flippable, allowing the sleeper to oscillate between either a soft or firm feel.


  • The Deal – Now through 11/29, Leesa has a bounty of awesome deals for you to take advantage of, including:
    • $150 off a Leesa mattress plus a free Leesa pillow.
    • $100 off the Leesa adjustable base.
    • $75 off the Leesa platform bed.
  • Helpful Links – Take a look at our reviews of both the Leesa and Sapira mattresses, or simply check out our comparison of the two. Then, head on over to the Leesa website to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Leesa mattress is an all-foam bed that combines the pressure relief of memory foam with the buoyant support of the brand’s latex-like LSA 200 foam. The Sapira takes all the great comfort of the Leesa and amps it up with a section of pocketed coils.


  • The Deal – DreamCloud will be offering a special deal from now through Black Friday in which customers will automatically get $200 off their order at purchase.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the DreamCloud, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – The DreamCloud Hybrid is built with both pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive coils, giving it a luxurious feel at a value price.


  • The Deal – Use code THANKS15 to get 15% off all mattresses and code THANKS30 to enjoy 30% off bedding. The deal runs from 11/18-11/28.
  • Helpful Links – Checkout my review of the Allswell mattresses here and then click here to head over to Allswell and make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Allswell was recently announced as one of the new online-only bedding brands that are taking over the mattress industry. With a design-conscious aesthetic, the offshoot is all about helping customers find their “Instagram-worthy dream bed.”

Latex for Less

  • The Deal – 11/22 – 12/7, enjoy $150 off the brand’s all-natural latex mattress using code SAVE150.
  • Helpful Links –  Take a look at our full review of the Latex for Less mattress, here. And if it looks like the bed of your dreams, make the purchase, here.
  • The Goods – The Latex for Less mattress is a fully organic structure that features a ton of fantastic bounce, some great cooling properties, and a flippable construction for optimum customization.


  • The Deal – Now through 11/26, receive a free Yaasa ONE Mattress with every purchase of the Yaasa ONE Sleep System. You can also use code YAASAMAT50 to receive $50 off each Yaasa mattress and code BLANKET20 to get 20% off each infinity blanket.
  • Helpful Links – Check out the Sleepopolis reviews of both the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and the Yaasa Mattress before heading over to Yaasa to make your purchase by clicking here.
  • The Goods – Yaasa’s adjustable bed is a great option for those that feel better in other positions than just lying flat and it pairs nicely with their mattress, which has a comfortable and supportive hybrid design.

Big Fig

  • The Deal – From 11/16 – 11/29 enjoy $200 off and free white glove delivery of your Big Fig mattress!
  • Helpful Links – You can read and watch the full review of the Big Fig mattress or head over to Big Fig by clicking here and using the code CYBERMONDAY to make your purchase!
  • The Goods – The Big Fig was designed with the specific sleep needs of heavier individuals in mind. This mattress uses durable foams and coils to provide sleepers with the support they need to have a comfortable night of sleep.


  • The Deal – Now through 11/27, use code HOLIDAY100 to get $100 off any cart over $600, code HOLIDAY150 to get $150 off any purchase over $1,250, and HOLIDAY200 to get $200 off purchases over $1,750.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Helix mattress, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Helix fully customizes all of its mattresses, promising to personalize foam densities and the order of the layers within the bed to ensure a great sleep for every individual.


  • The Deal – Nolah has a ton of exciting Black Friday offers for you to take advantage of!
    • Mattresses – Choose between $140 or $320 off Nolah mattresses OR two free pillows.
    • Pillows – Get $20 off any two-pack pillows.
    • Organic Sheet Sets – Get $50 off any organic sheet sets.
    • Mattress Protectors – Get $20 off any size mattress protector.
    • Adjustable Bases – Get $100 off any size adjustable base.
  • Helpful Links – Check out my full review of original Nolah mattress. Sound like a winner? Make the purchase, here.
  • The Goods – Made with the brand’s proprietary AirFoam, the ever-growing suite of Nolah products features mattresses that are both gentle and supportive.


  • The Deal – Use code BLK20 to receive 20% off the Sleep EZ Roma mattress and 70% off all shredded latex pillows.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our thoughts on the Sleep EZ Roma, here. Wanna buy? Go here.
  • The Goods – The Sleep EZ Roma is an all-latex mattress that’s built entirely of organic materials. It’s got fantastic bounce and also sleeps cool through the night.

IDLE Sleep

  • The Deal – Use code BLKFRI at checkout to save $325 on any size mattress and also receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate.
  • Helpful Links – To check out the IDLE mattress for yourself, take a peek at our full review. If it seems like a winner, you can buy it, here.
  • The Goods – The IDLE mattress features a layer of pocketed coils sandwiched by two sections of bouncy latex. What’s unique about this bed is that it’s flippable, so can either give off a medium firm or firm feel depending on the orientation.


  • The Deal – GhostBed is offering three ways to save this Black Friday:
    • Save either $300 on a Ghostbed Luxe or $200 on an original Ghostbed + a free sheet set.
    • Save up to $799 when you buy a bundle of GhostBed products.
    • Get 50% off on an adjustable base with the purchase of a GhostBed Luxe mattress.
  • Helpful Links – You can check out our full reviews of the GhostBed and GhostBed Luxe or head over to our comparison of the two to see which one best fits your needs!
  • The Goods – GhostBed’s signature model uses a combination of latex over memory foam to provide all the classic pressure relief of memory foam, without the drawbacks of overheating or feeling stuck in the mattress. The GhostBed Luxe model has a super plush feel that puts an emphasis on sleeping cool.


  • The Deal – Running now through 11/24, enjoy $125 off orders over $500 and $225 off orders over $1,200. Both deals also come with two free pillows!
  • Helpful Links –  Check out our review of the Bear, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Bear mattresses are designed for sleepers with a more active lifestyle, so its beds boast a lot of innovative, high-performance tech.

Tomorrow Sleep

  • The Deal – Use code HOLIDAY 15 to take 15% off any orders over $100 11/19-26.
  • Helpful Links – We’ve reviewed both the hybrid mattress and the memory foam mattress from Tomorrow Sleep. If you’re interested in purchasing directly from Tomorrow Sleep you can click here to head to their site.
  • The Goods – Tomorrow Sleep offers a few different styles of mattress to try and match up different sleepers with the perfect bed for them. Whether you prefer the support and bounce of coils in a hybrid mattress or the contouring pressure relief of memory foam, Tomorrow Sleep has a mattress for you.


  • The Deal – Buy one get one on select Tempurpedic pillows on Black Friday. Also, save up to $1,000 on select split king adjustable mattress sets until November 27th.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our reviews of Tempurpedic mattresses or head over to their site here.
  • The Goods – Tempurpedic is one of the largest players in the mattress industry and has been for several decades. Focusing its brand on luxury mattresses with a classic memory foam feel has been a large part of Tempurpedic’s goal as a whole, and the company has done a fine job of maintaining one of the top spots in this segment of the industry.


  • The Deal – Now through Black Friday, enjoy a Buy One, Get One sale for all pillows across the site.
  • Helpful Links – Take a peek at our full review of the Muse mattress. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Built with three layers of foam, the Muse is designed with pressure relief in mind. It also comes in three different firmnesses, so can satisfy a wide range of sleepers.


  • The Deal – SpineAlign has a number of great deals for all the holidays coming up, including:
    • Thanksgiving (11/19 – 11/25) – Use code THANKS15 to get 15% off pillows and code THANKS200 to get $200 off mattresses.
    •  Black Friday (11/22 – 11/23) – Use code BFRIDAY20 to get 20% off pillows and code BFRIDAY250 to get $250 off mattresses.
    • Cyber Monday (11/26 – 11/28) – Use code CYBER20 to get 20% off pillows and code CYBER300 to get $300 off mattresses.
  • Helpful Links – We’ve tested out the SpineAlign pillow, which you can see, here. To purchase, simply click here.
  • The Goods – The SpineAlign pillow is great for back or side sleepers as its contoured shape helps to keep the head and neck in a steady position through the night.


  • The Deal – From now through Cyber Monday, Avocado has a few great deals going on, including: $175 off mattresses (code MERRY175), $175 off bed frames (code BED175), and 25% off pillows (PILLOW25).
  • Helpful Links – Wanna see the Avocado for yourself? Check out our full review. Then, buy it, here.
  • The Goods – The Avocado is an all-natural latex mattress that could be a great fit for eco-friendly sleepers after some buoyant support.


  • The Deal – PlushBeds has discounts running on a number of products from 11/23 through 12/7, including: $1,200 off all latex mattresses, $600 off all memory foam and cool gel mattresses, and up to 60% off all adjustable bases. Regardless of your pick, all purchases come with complimentary organic sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors.
  • Helpful Links – You can find the Sleepopolis review of the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress here before heading over to purchase your new mattress.
  • The Goods – PlushBeds has a wide variety of sleep products available and its line of mattresses includes both latex and memory foam models. PlushBeds also offers sofa beds and RV mattresses as well.


  • The Deal – From 11/22 until 11/29, enjoy $150 off any item on the Airweave website. The deal applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – Check out my review of the airweave mattress. Like what you see? Buy it, here.
  • The Goods – The airweave is a super unique bed in the online-only mattress sphere as its built with a single layer of the brand’s airfiber material. It’s firm, yet responsive to pressure, creating an interesting feel.


  • The Deal – Now through 11/30, enjoy $250 off your purchase of a Puffy mattress. Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – To learn more about Puffy, read our full mattress review. If it seems like the bed for you, purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Featuring a thick top layer of memory foam, the Puffy could be a real winner for side sleepers who will likely enjoy its cushiony support at their shoulders and hips.


  • The Deal – From now through Black Friday, enjoy $150 any mattress purchase. Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – To see what the Lull’s all about, head on over to our full review. Seem like a winner? Buy it, here.
  • The Goods – The Lull is a soft all-foam bed that provides a balanced push-back feel without creating too many pressure points.


  • The Deal – From 11/21 – 11/28, save $300 on King and Queen size Yogabed mattresses. Save $200 off all other sizes.
  • Helpful Links – To learn more about the Yogabed from Marpac, take a look at my full review. If it feels like a good fit, make the purchase, here.
  • The Goods – The all-foam Yogabed has been designed to embody all the fantastic benefits of yoga, namely its pressure relief, balanced vibe, and excellent temperature/body regulation.


  • The Deal – Use code BLACKFRIDAY to get $225 off the Aviya mattress and $275 off the Aviya mattress set. Deal runs 11/19 through 11/26.
  • Helpful Links – For more on the Aviya mattress, check out our full review. To purchase, go here.
  • The Goods – The Aviya is an innerspring mattress that features soft foam layers over a sturdy pocketed coil system. It also comes with an extra section of edge support, ensuring that you’ll be able to use the entire surface area of the bed.


  • The Deal – From 11/21 through 11/28, get 25% off all mattresses and sheets. The discount will apply automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Wright, here. Like what you see? Grab it, here.
  • The Goods – The Wright Bed is built with four layers of high-density memory foam, making for a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.

Coop Home Goods

  • The Deal – On Cyber Monday only (11/26) enjoy 20% off everything on the site! Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our reviews of the Coop Eden Pillow, Memory Pillow, and Body Pillow. Like what you see? Hop on over to the Coop Home Goods site.
  • The Goods – Coop Home Goods sells a variety of adjustable pillows to meet a wide range of different sleeping preferences.

Live and Sleep

  • The Deal – From 11/23 – 11/26, get $200 off luxury mattress plus two free pillows! Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our full review of the Live and Sleep mattress. If it seems like a winner, purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – The Live and Sleep has a straightforward construction of a single memory foam layer overlaying a section of high-density poly foam, resulting in a firm structure with some pretty solid pressure relief.


  • The Deal – From 11/19 – 11/24, enjoy 25% off all items sitewide. From 11/25 – 11/30, the savings jump up to 26% across the site.
  • Helpful Links – Read our full review of the ChiliPad mattress topper, here. Want to buy one? Simply follow this link.
  • The Goods – The ChiliPad is a mattress topper you put on top of your bed to change its temperature, which can be great for those who want to sleep either super hot or super cold.


  • The Deal – From 11/23 – 11/26, enjoy free ground shipping on all Naturepedic products.
  • Helpful Links – To learn more about Naturepedic, read our full review here. Wanna buy it? Go, here.
  • The Goods – Naturepedic specializes in making totally organic sleep products including mattresses, toppers, sheets, pillows, bases as well as kids sleep products and cribs.

Cocoon by Sealy

  • The Deal – Now through Cyber Monday, receive $100 off your Chill mattress plus two free DreamFit pillows and a DreamFit sheet set.
  • Helpful Links – Did we pique your interest? Head on over to our full review to get the scoop on the mattress. And if you like it, buy it, here.
  • The Goods – The Cocoon by Sealy is a straightforward mattress featuring just two layers: one of memory foam and one of high-density poly foam. It comes in either a soft or firm version.

Brentwood Home

  • The Deal – Use code CYBER200 to get $200 off select mattresses (Oceano, Ojai, and Crystal Cove). Use code CYBER25 for 25% Off Pillows, Wedge Pillows, Crystal Cove Yoga Collection, and Pet Beds.
  • Helpful Links – Checkout our review of the Brentwood Home Cedar mattress and if you like what you see, purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – The Cedar is a hybrid mattress, meaning that it uses a combination of coil and foam layers to provide comfort and support to the sleeper. Something to take note of in the construction of the Cedar is the use of natural materials including latex foam, organic cotton, wool and coconut husk.


  • The Deal – From 11/21 – 11/26, get 20% off all orders over $75. Discount applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links – To see the Snow sheets for yourself, hop on over to our full review. If they speak to you, feel free to purchase them, here.
  • The Goods – Built of 100% cotton, Snowe sheets are luxurious and super breathable. Available in both Percale and Sateen.

Authenticity 50

  • The Deal – From now through Cyber Monday, Authenticity 50 will be running a few different deals, including:
    • 5% off all orders with code AMERICA5
    • 10% off orders of $250 or more with code AMERICA10
    • 15% off $350+ orders with code AMERICA15
  • Helpful Links – To see our full review of the Authenticity 50 sheets, go here. If you like what you see, feel free to purchase them here.
  • The Goods – Built with Supima cotton, these sheets have a crisp yet soft feel that could be ideal for a wide range of sleepers. An added bonus? They’re 100% American made.


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