Black Friday Mattress Sales 2015

Black Friday sales will come and go with the blink of an eye. In order to land one of these amazing deals you’ll have to be fully prepared for all of the upcoming sales.

To better prepare you for the big day, we have created our Black Friday sales guide below. Our goal is to keep you informed and help you make a decision that will lead to the best night’s sleep. Read through these tips and you will be well armed with the information and power you need to find and select an incredible mattress on Black Friday.

Below is a current list of sales and discounts for online mattress companies. As sales change and more become available we will be continually updating this list.

Online Black Friday Mattress Sales

LeesaAvena + memory foamSave $75 off + get a $50 Target gift card with code "SLEEPOPOLIS75"$865
4Sleepmemory foamSave $100 with code BLACKFRIDAY$829
Nest Alexandermemory foam + gel Save $100 with code ALEXANDER100$1,099
Plushbeds100% latexSave $1,200 + 2 free pillows + free Egyptian cotton sheets + free mattress protectorsPrices vary
Brooklyn Beddinglatex foamSave 5% + get 2 free latex pillows with code SLEEPOPOLIS5$712
Bearmemory foamSave $75 with code BLACK75$775
Amerisleep - All Mattressesmemory foam20% off total + an extra $50 off SLEEPOPOLISPrices vary
eLuxurymemory foamSave 15% with code SLEEPOPOLIS$463
Love Bedlatex foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$774
Honest Bedpocketed coils + foamSave $100 with code HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS$1,899
Helix SleepcustomSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS50$849
Zottomemory foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$900
Yogabedmemory + custom foamSave $50 with code SMR50$749
Live and Sleepmemory + transition foamSave $75 with code SLEEPOPOLIS75$799
Endymemory + transition foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$700
Bedgearbedding productsSave $20 with code SLEEPOPOLIS20Prices vary

In-Store Black Friday Mattress Sales

There are currently no Black Friday sales announced for in-store companies. Once these sales become available we will update this listing.

Sleepy'sVaries50% all mattresses (excluding Tempur-pedic)Varies
Sleepy'sVaries$300 off all Tempurpedic + $300 Visa cardVaries
Sleepy'sAdjustable BaseFree adjustable base with any Beautyrest mattressVaries
Sleepy'sBox springFree when you purchase a Serta Perfect SleeperFree
Sleepy'sSerta Brookestone QueenVaries$599
Sleepy'sOrtho-Posture QueenVaries$399
Sleepy'sBeautyrest RechargeVaries$499
Sleepy'sOrtho-Posture TwinVaries$157
Mattress FirmSealy Queen set$211$288.99
Mattress FirmMemory foam pillows (2 pack)$61$18.99
Mattress FirmVaries$300 off all Tempurpedic + $300 Visa cardVaries
TempurpedicTempur-pedic Breeze$300 off all Tempurpedic + $300 Visa cardVaries
Macy'sSealy Firm QueenVaries$137
Macy'sSealy Posturepedic QueenVaries$197
Macy'sSerta Perfect Sleeper QueenVaries$297
Macy'sBeautyrest Recharge Allie QueenVaries$809
Macy'sBeautyrest Classic QueenVaries$499
Macy'sSerta iSeries Island Retreat QueenVaries$1199
SertaiComfort & iSeries$100-$300 offVaries
SertaAdjustable baseUp to $1,000 offVaries
SearsBeautyrest Recharge Firm QueenVaries$599
SearsBeautyrest Recharge Dvonwood QueenVaries$699
SearsBeautyrest Recharge Melrose QueenVaries$799
SearsSerta Coralee QueenVaries$139
SearsSerta Perfect SleeperVaries$649
SearsSealy Talworth QueenVaries$335
SearsSealy Amber Creek QueenVaries$335
SearsSealy Dunsley QueenVaries$469
SearsSealy Posturepedic FirmVaries$699
SearTempur-pedic$300 off all Tempurpedic + $300 Visa cardVaries

Black Friday Mattress Sales Guide – 4 Keys to Success

Black Friday can be an extremely overwhelming day for shoppers. Especially with regards to the mattress industry. With so many deals out there it can often be difficult to decipher which of these is truly a “good deal”. Well not to worry, follow these Sleepopolis keys to success and you will know just what to look for.

1. Where to find the best deals

Online? In-store? How do you determine where to look when it comes to the biggest sales day of the year? With so many sales grabbing your attention at once, it can be a nightmare when deciding which way to look. This is exactly why you have to begin your research early and often. Both online and in-store have their pros and cons. Nonetheless, the goal of this day is to find a mattress that fits your needs as a sleeper while also working within your budget.

  • Online – sleepers tend to forget about the online mattress industry, which is why we’re here. Avoiding all of the lines and crowds is only one of the major benefits of buying online. With very high quality mattresses made online, you can essentially get an identical bed to those in stores, at a fraction of the cost.
  • In-stores – don’t get me wrong, there will definitely be some deals made in mattress stores. The big question is, was it actually worth it? Most of the time the large crowds lead to impulse decisions. With these impulse buys usually comes regret. However, the bigger issue to watch out for when buying in-store is simply getting sucked into deals that seem too good to be true. If it seems that way, it probably is. Many times the best sales are on mattresses that are extremely low quality. These are the types of mattresses that may only last you a couple of years before they begin to deteriorate. If you do elect to shop in-store I would recommend avoiding the ultra deep deals, unless you know with absolute certainty that the brand / model you are buying can be trusted to last.

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2. Know Mattress Reputations

Research, research, and more research! No one else knows which type of mattress is best for you. By starting your research early you can determine which companies are reliable and what type of mattress will best suit your needs.

  • Research Mattress Types – by boiling down which type of mattress is best for you, you eliminate a number of products. The three most common types are memory foam, latex foam, and innerspring. Spend a little time deciding which type fits your needs. After doing so, you will notice the ease of searching for sales on your specific type.
  • Search for Reviews – mattress reviews can be a huge help. If you have no idea where to start your search, reviews can be the best place. The chance to see how a mattress performs before actually purchasing one is a major benefit. Sleepopolis strives to provide reviews that will help you determine which mattress is best for your needs. Our goal is to make sure you are sleeping better while getting a great deal along the way.

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3. Lookout for Retailer’s Sales Gimmicks

This is the time of year where salesman are going to try their absolute hardest to push a sale. After all, it works in their favor regardless of what mattress you buy and if you’re happy or not. With all of the sales going on the salesman have a tendency to tell you what you want to hear, whether it’s true or not. So be weary of suspicious gimmicks used by these people!

The best way to avoid these tricks is to know your stuff. Don’t give the retailers the opportunity to fluff up a mattress that you know is below average. With Black Friday comes mass production. Which only feeds into the games the salesman want to play. The more mattresses there are, the more opportunities they have to sell. Once again, this is why research is important. A majority of the time, these retail stores will inflate the price of a mattress and follow it up with a huge sale price. In other words, you could actually be paying the original price of the mattress while thinking you landed a great deal.

4. Compare Warranties & Trial Periods

These two topics are game changers to say the least. By comparing warranties and trial periods between online and in-store, you will notice that the online industry wants to make the processes as easy as possible. Online companies offer an exceptional trial period, most running right around 100 days with free shipping to and from (if you don’t like the mattress) your home. If you buy in-store be wary of “comfort guarantees”. These usually mean you are only able to exchange the mattress for another of equal or lesser value, which may or may not mean you are actually able to get the mattress that’s right for you.

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Warranties tend to start at 10 years and move upwards in length. Unlike traditional retail stores, you don’t have to save a receipt when buying online. Many online mattress companies will store your name in a database and have your warranty options readily available when the time arrives. Most importantly, make sure you are getting a warranty worth your while when purchasing. The minimum should be a 7 year warranty. A mattress, on average, has a lifespan of 8 years. Therefore, the warranty should coincide with the lifespan.

Lastly, be careful of lifetime warranties. A lifetime warranty is a bit of a farce. No mattress will last a lifetime. Most are designed to go 10-12 years. Any company pitching a lifetime warranty is most likely doing so as a marketing gimmick. Many times these lifetime warranties have dramatic prorate reductions after a few years or require your mattress sag / sink by 2″ or more before they will offer a replacement.

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  1. This seems like a silly question, but you have a guide to the best mattresses for heavier folks, so it made me wonder… is there a significant difference in how you experience a mattress on the opposite end of that spectrum? I’m looking into buying a mattress (probably a Leesa, especially after reading your reviews!), but as a side-sleeper who weighs 100 pounds, will that be too firm for me?

    • There’s definitely a difference, but it’s not as dramatic as it is for heavier sleepers. My guide on mattress firmness discusses the heavy vs. light sleeper dynamic (towards the middle), see here: I think you would find it helpful.

      In general, the Leesa should be fine for you as a 100 pound side sleepers. However, it will depend on your firmness preferences. If you’re looking for that 6 out of 10 firmness, perfect. If you’re hoping for something closer to a 5…it might be a bit too firm. The guide above explains more of those subtle differences and what you’ll want to watch out for.

  2. I am looking at getting a Leesa mattress and saw the discount for $75 off and $50 Target gift card. Is this only a Black Friday deal or can I still get this?

  3. Hi Sleepopolis,

    I wanted to let you know that 4Sleep is offering a $100 off Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale with the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY. It’s available on any size mattress with the same free shipping and 100 night trial.



    • They did not. They had their $50 promo code available, but that was it. However, they seem to be doing fewer and fewer promo codes. Casper took away the Sleepopolis promo code in the summer.

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