Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

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Here we go again! Not a big fan of waiting in long lines or battling crowds on Black Friday? No need to worry, Cyber Monday is right around the corner. With just as many, if not more deals on the table, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to take advantage of a big sale and purchase the mattress of your dreams!

With that said, this big day can be quite overwhelming. Which deal is the best deal? Which mattress is going to offer the most bang for your buck? With such a short time frame these two questions cannot be taken lightly. If you are on a serious scavenger hunt for the best Cyber Monday mattress deal, you’re going to have to consider a few important topics.

Continue reading below to discover which categories you need to be prepped and ready for when Cyber Monday arrives.

Cyber Monday Mattress Deals for 2015

LeesaAvena + memory foamSave $75 off + get a $50 Target gift card with code "SLEEPOPOLIS75"$865
Nest Alexandermemory foam + gel Save $100 with code ALEXANDER100$1,099
4Sleepmemory foamSave $100 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$824
Plushbeds100% latexSave $1,200 + 2 free pillows + free Egyptian cotton sheets + free mattress protectorsPrices very
Brooklyn Beddinglatex foamSave 5% + get 2 free latex pillows with code SLEEPOPOLIS5$712
Bearmemory foamSave $75 with code BLACK75$775
Amerisleep - All Mattressesmemory foam20% off total + an extra $50 off SLEEPOPOLISPrices vary
Love Bedlatex foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$774
Helix SleepcustomSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS50$849
Zottomemory foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$900
Yogabedmemory + custom foamSave $50 with code SMR50$749
eLuxurymemory foamSave 15% with code SLEEPOPOLIS$463
Live and Sleepmemory + transition foamSave $75 with code SLEEPOPOLIS75$799
Honest Bedpocketed coils + foamSave $100 with code HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS$1,899
Endymemory + transition foamSave $50 with code SLEEPOPOLIS$700
Bedgearbedding productsSave $20 with code SLEEPOPOLIS20Prices vary
Mattress FirmBunk bed + 2 free mattresses$600 off$599
Mattress FirmBeautyrest Black Mattress$300Varies
Macy'sSealy Cahil Firm TwinVaries$137
Macy'sSealy Posturepedic Tideford TwinVaries$197
Macy'sSerta Perfect Sleeper QueenVaries$297
Macy'sSealy Posturepedic Broadway QueenVaries$397
Sleepy'sAll mattresses50% off all mattresses (exclude's Tempur-pedic)Varies
Sleepy'sSealy Posturepedic Cushion Firm70% off$139.99

Know Where to Start Your Search

Starting your Cyber Monday mattress deals search can be a tad bit tricky. This is in large part due to the the fact that most Cyber Monday deals aren’t released until after Black Friday. That said, the window for research is quite small. In order to land one of the big deals, you’ll have to be on top of your game both prior to, and the day of Cyber Monday.

First step, set your budget and what type of sale you are shooting for. Do you want to land a huge deal on a mattress you’ve never heard about? Or do you want to save a little money and buy a mattress that has caught your eye in the past? These are the questions you’ll have to answer before diving into the market. As a consumer, you have to be willing to stick to a plan. If not, every big flashy sale will catch your eye and at the click of a mouse, you could end up with a mattress that isn’t a great fit for your sleeping style.

This all boils down to research. Spend time looking at a number of deals, and figure out which ones you want to attack or eliminate right away. By doing so, you can begin your actual mattress type / company research and determine the best selection for you.

Determine Which Mattress Type is Best for You

With all of the different mattress companies trying to hammer home their mattress, how do you know which type is actually best for you? Easy. Reviews and lots of questions.

By reading several mattress reviews you can really gain an overall perspective of what type of mattress will best suit your needs. Whether you’re a side, back, stomach, heavy, light, or confused sleeper, there are reviews that will help to break down which style mattress is best for YOU.

GUIDE: Check out our 6 step guide on how to choose a mattress

Additionally, it’s important to ask any questions when you’re confused, or just want a professional opinion. By asking questions, you will gain more confidence with your mattress selection. With the sales popping up every few hours, it can be extremely difficult to weed out certain mattresses, or better yet, mattress companies.

Compare Mattress Companies

Although this may seem like a petty task, it is the exact opposite. There are a plethora of mattress companies out there that want to make their Cyber Monday mattress deal look appealing so you will give in and purchase from them. That’s the key, knowing which company’s sale is worth the fight and the ones that need to be pushed aside.

COMPARE:  Mattress comparison tool

Although a majority of sales will be coming from strictly internet based companies, retailers will be pushing sales through their online divisions as well. The goal of a lot of companies tends to be “make the sale.” End of story. As a buyer, you want to make sure you’re making a purchase from a company who is willing to dedicate time to your needs. The best approach to take is to research a multitude of companies. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to see which companies (internet based or retail) are honest, reputable, and best for you.

Pay Attention to Warranties and Trial Periods

Warranties and trial periods are not a subject to take lightly. When making a mattress purchase, these two topics can be the difference between a good purchase and a poor purchase. With all of the sales going on, there are times where companies will say the mattress comes “as is” which means whether you like it or not, it’s yours. Others will honor their trial period / warranty and allow you the opportunity to give the mattress a shot before committing fully.

Although this is an appealing factor, you have to remember that the purchase you make could be the last deal you’ll get. Due to these sales only lasting one day, you won’t have the chance to turn around and buy another mattress at a low sale price. So above all else, be sure the mattress you’re selecting is one you believe will be worth your while. Don’t fall for a cheap mattress and miss out on one that you knew was a better option from the start.

Cyber Monday Summary & Final Tips

Rummaging through all of the sales can be a daunting task. As a sleeper, your main goal should be to buy a mattress that meets your needs / preferences, while also saving a little money. The online mattress industry is already drastically cheaper than retail stores, so why not do your research the right way and save even more money on a peaceful night’s rest? By following these Sleepopolis Cyber Monday shopping strategy listed above you’ll be on the path to a successful Cyber Monday.

Additional Helpful Hints

Below are a few areas I created to help make your mattress research a little easier:


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