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Memorial Day Mattress Sale 2019

Here at Sleepopolis, we’re getting ready to celebrate one of our favorite days of the year: Memorial Day! Aside from being a time to honor all the brave folks who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, the holiday also gives us a fantastic opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

And though we’re still shy of the official day (May 27, to be exact!), we’ll be celebrating all week long by rounding up the great bedding deals you can take advantage of this Memorial Day. Make sure to keep an eye on this list as we’ll be updating it over the next few weeks with even more fabulous bargains.

Memorial Day Mattress Deals 2019



  • The Deal – From now until June 11 You can save up to $200 on a Helix mattress and get 2 free pillows with the codes MDW100, MDW150 or MDW200.
  • Helpful Links – Learn about the Helix line in our review or specifically the Helix Nightfall, which is designed for heavier people. Click here to head over to Helix.
  • The Goods – Helix offers a full line of hybrid beds in a number of different feels and firmnesses, so you can find the right mattress for your sleeping preferences. Another huge plus from the Helix line is their offer of split firmness mattresses, so couples can come to a nice compromise on the bed they need for their home.


  • The Deal – From May 22 to May 30 you can save $300 on your purchase of a WinkBeds mattress with code MDW300
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the WinkBed mattress or the WinkBed Plus if you’re looking for a bit more support before heading to WinkBed to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – WinkBeds are great hybrid mattresses that provide a really sturdy feel with great support to go along with the comfortable foams in the pillowtop. The WinkBed comes in three different firmness options, but the company also offers the WinkBed Plus for heavier folks who need a bit more support to sleep comfortably through the night.


  • The Deal – From now until June 3 use discount code SIGNATURE for $300 off the 12” Signature or ORIGINAL for $125 off the 10” Original. Either way you get two free AirFiber pillows ($158 value) meaning you can save up to $458!
  • Helpful Links – Read our full reviews of the Nolah Signature, Nolah Original and Nolah Pillows so you know just what you’re getting when you make your purchase at Nolah.
  • The Goods – Nolah’s AirFoam is a memory foam alternative that brings the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam but defends against some of the drawbacks. It has an open celled structure that I found to do a great job at sleeping cool and has a quicker response to pressure that helps people avoid feeling stuck in the mattress.


  • The Deal – Now through May 28 you can save 20% off everything at Bear with the code MD20.
  • Helpful Links –  Read our full reviews of the Bear, Bear Hybrid and Bear Pillow for more information. Click here to head over to Bear.
  • The Goods – Bear mattresses are designed with an eye to the recovery needs of those with an active lifestyle. The all foam Bear provides a firm feel that I like for back and stomach sleepers, while the Bear hybrid has a softer feel for the side and combo sleepers out there.


  • The Deal – You can automatically save $125 and receive 2 free pillows with your purchase of Layla mattress until May 31. Layla’s other offers include buy one get one 1/2 off pillows, $30 off a foundation, $30 off toppers, $25 off sheets, and $10 off a weighted blanket.
  • Helpful Links – You can read our full review of the Layla mattress, Layla pillow, Layla sheets and read our list of best weighted blankets (which Layla made of course) before heading over to Layla to make your purchase.
  • The Goods –  The Layla mattress is a flippable mattress, allowing you to choose between a firm supportive feel and plush pressure relief. Regardless of which side you choose to sleep on the Layla uses copper infused memory foam to provide contouring comfort, while sleeping cooler than normal memory foam thanks to the copper infusion.


  • The Deal – Get $75 off your purchase of a Saatva mattress from now until May 28. As an added summertime bonus, saatva is offering $200 discounts on the Saatva Solaire and Saatva HD mattresses until July 20!
  • Helpful Links – You can check out my full review of the Saatva or Saatva Solaire mattress or see what I have to say about it on my list of Best Mattresses of 2019, which it made as my favorite innerspring bed. After that, click this link to head over to Saatva or this link for the Solaire and HD mattresses to have your discount automatically applied.
  • The Goods – In a sea of online bed in a box companies, Saatva offers you an alternative in a traditional innerspring mattress that’s delivered right to your door. The sturdy coil on coil structure of the Saatva provides great support and gives you the bounce you need to be able to move around on the mattress without feeling stuck in foam layers.

Brooklyn Bedding

  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can save 25% off sitewide at Brooklyn Bedding.
  • Helpful Links – We’ve got full reviews of the Brooklyn Signature, Brookyln Aurora, Bloom Hybrid, Bowery and Spartan mattresses. You can also read our review of the Brooklyn Pillows before heading over to Brooklyn Bedding.
  • The Goods – With a line of quality mattresses Brooklyn Bedding offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for something that sleeps cool I would say check out the Brooklyn Aurora, but if organic materials is more up your alley, take a deep dive into the Bloom Hybrid.

Loom & Leaf

  • The Deal – Automatically save $75 on your purchase of a Loom & Leaf from now until May 28.
  • Helpful Links – Read my Loom & Leaf review to learn all you need to about this great memory foam mattress and then head over to the  Loom & Leaf site to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Loom & Leaf uses thick layers of memory foam to provide comforting pressure relief to the sleepers that are looking for a luxury feel at a great price. The Loom & Leaf uses a gel memory foam to help it sleep cooler than other memory foam mattresses and with a 15 year warranty, it is a mattress that’s built to last.


  • The Deal – Now through June 3rd you can save up to $100 off all Purple mattresses and get a free set of sheets with your purchase. You can also get 10% off all other Purple products, such as pillows, seat cushions and even dog beds! Purple Blankets will be buy one get one during this period as well.
  • Helpful links – You can find our reviews on the Purple, New Purple, Purple Pillow and Purple Sheets on Sleepopolis or head straight to Purple for you purchase.
  • The Goods – Purple mattresses use a proprietary material called hyperelastic polymer. It’s a bouncy material that sleeps cool and is set up in a great structure to provide nice pressure relief and support in multiple positions.


  • The Deal – You can save 15% off everything at Leesa from now through July 15 with the exclusive Sleepopolis discount.
  • Helpful links – Read our full reviews of the Leesa, Leesa Hybrid, Leesa Pillow and Leesa Hybrid Pillow for more information. Click here to head directly to Leesa.
  • The Goods – The Leesa mattress offers a nice medium firmness that I like for the combo sleepers out there. The Leesa Hybrid uses a combination of foam and pocketed coils to create a bouncy mattress that I think is a great choice for the couples out there.

Tuft & Needle


  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can get $175 off Mattresses (Code HONOR2019), $350 off Bed Frame and Mattress Purchase (Code BED350) and 2 Pillows Free with Mattress Purchase (Code 2FREEPILLOWS)
  • Helpful Links – We have full reviews of the Avocado Green mattress and the Avocado Pillow available or you can just click here to head directly to their site.
  • The Goods – The Avocado Green mattress is a hybrid bed that uses organic materials help keep chemicals out of your bedroom. The mattress has a firmer feel that I like for stomach sleepers and the combination of Dunlop latex and pocketed coils make the Avocado a bouncy mattress, so you won’t feel stuck while changing positions.

Nest Bedding

  • The Deal – From now through 6/3, Nest Bedding is offering $100-$200 off select mattresses + a free Easy Breather Adjustable Pillow.
  • Helpful Links – We have a bunch of reviews of Nest products so you can learn more about the Alexander, Alexander Hybrid, Hybrid Latex and the Easy Breather pillows before clicking here to head over to Nest.
  • The Goods – Nest has a wide line of mattresses uses great materials so you can find the right product for your specific sleeping needs.


  • The Deal – From now through May 31 you can get $250 off your purchase of an Awara mattress with promo code MDAY19.
  • Helpful Links – Head over to Awara to check out the mattress and make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Awara is a sturdy hybrid mattress that uses natural latex and pocketed coils to provide a firm feel that is a great benefit for back and stomach sleepers.

Eli & Elm

  • The Deal – From now until May 31 you can save 25% off everything at Eli & Elm
  • Helpful Links – Check out our full review of the Eli & Elm sheets and then click here to head to their site.
  • The Goods – Eli & Elm offers cooling, latex and organic cotton sheets. Each of these sheets provide their own advantages but regardless of the set you choose you can look forward to a silky smooth feel.


  • The Deal – This Memorial Day Weekend you can save $300 on your purchase of a Puffy mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Read my full reviews of the Puffy and Puffy Lux mattresses before heading directly to Puffy to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Both Puffy mattresses have softer feels that are great for side sleepers thanks to quality memory foam comfort layers. While some memory foams can be known for sleeping too hot, the Puffy mattresses use gel infusions to help sleep a bit cooler.


  • The Deal – From May 22 until May 27 if you spend $300 you’ll get a $50 gift card for June with the code MDW50.
  • Helpful Links – Learn more about Snowe’s Sateen and Percale sheets by reading the review of both sets and then head to Snowe’s website to see what else they have to offer.
  • The Goods – With a range of quality sheets, Snowe has a set for all seasons and sleep preferences. The light and breathable percale set might be just the thing to keep you cool through the summer!


  • The Deal – From May 22 until May 27 you’ll get $200 off your mattress purchase.
  • Helpful Links – Learn more about the new Birch brand on the Birch Living website. They have some great looking products that we are looking forward to reviewing in the coming weeks!
  • The Goods – Birch is an all-natural mattress made by one of our favorite mattress brands, Helix (so you know it’s great)!


  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can save up to $300 on a new Tempur-Pedic mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Learn more about the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt in our full review or click here to head directly to the Tempur-Pedic site.
  • The Goods – Tempur-Pedic is known for their classic memory foam contouring around the sleepers body and the LuxeAdapt does not disappoint. Side sleepers can look forward to sinking deep into bed on the LuxeAdapt for great pressure relief.


  • The Deal – From May 24 – 29 you can save $200 on an Aviya mattress with the code Memorial 200
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the Aviya mattress and then head to their site.
  • The Goods – The Aviya is an innerspring mattress that provides good bounce and support to help keep sleepers in good spinal alignment. I like it for the combo sleepers and couples looking for more traditional feel from their bed.

Brentwood Home

  • The Deal – Until June 3 you can save $400 off Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress (Code CEDAR400), $175 Off Oceano, Crystal and Cove Mattresses (Code WAVES175), 20% Off Crystal Cove Yoga Collection (Code YOGA20) and 20% Off Pet Beds (Code PETBED20)
  • Helpful Links – Check out the full review of the Cedar mattress and then head over to Brentwood Home.
  • The Goods – The Brentwood Cedar is a hybrid mattress that uses organic materials for comfort that helps keep chemicals out of your bedroom. The Cedar has a soft feel that provides nice pressure relief, good bounce and the latex and wool layers help create a more natural mattress.


  • The Deal – Save up to $200 on the GhostBed Flex and Luxe and $100 on the original GhostBed mattress. You can also save 50% off and adjustable base when you purchase a GhostBed Flex or Luxe and up to $799 when you bundle GhostBed products.
  • Helpful Links – We have full reviews of the GhostBed, GhostBed Flex and GhostBed Luxe. Once you’re done reading those you’ll be ready to make your purchase at GhostBed.
  • The Goods – The entire GhostBed line brings you quality comfort from bed in a box mattresses. The orignal GhostBed is an all foam mattress with a latex of memory foam build that provides pressure relief with good mobility. The GhostBed Luxe is a super plush feel with a focus on sleeping cool, while the Flex is a mix of both worlds with cooling tech and bounce so you won’t feel stuck in the mattress.


  • The Deal – Save 15% on your Allswell purchase from now until May 27.
  • Helpful Links – We have full reviews of The Allswell and Luxe Hybrid mattresses available for your perusal before you head to Allswell.
  • The Goods – The Allswell is a great value hybrid that provides a firm feel and strong bounce.


  • The Deal – From now until May 31 you can get up to $300 off your purchase of a Yogabed and 25% off Yogabed bedding products.
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the Yogabed before heading out to the Yogabed site to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Yogabed is an all foam mattress with a medium firmness that I recommend for combo sleepers. I was also impressed with it’s ability to isolate motion transfer, a positive for those that sleep with a partner.


  • The Deal – From now until Labor Day you can save $150 on your purchase of a Lull mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Read our full review of the Lull mattress before heading to the Lull website.
  • The Goods – The Lull is an all foam mattress that uses gel memory foam for comfort and cooling. It has a medium firmness that is good for combination sleepers.


  • The Deal – Save up to $500 on a Morphiis mattress with the code SleepMDay. You can also save up to $390 on a Morphiis adjustable base with the code SleepMDayFrames
  • Helpful Links – Read our full review of the Morphiis and then head over to Morphiis.
  • The Goods – The Morphiis is an all foam bed in a box that allows people to specify the zoned firmness of their bed by mixing and matching different foam inserts into the bed.

I Love My Pillow

  • The Deal – From now until May 27 you can get a free I Love My Pillow travel pillow with the purchase of 2 pillows.
  • Helpful Links – We have a full review of the Out Cold pillow from I Love My Pillow. Read that and you’ll be ready to head over to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The I Love My Pillow Out Cold is a great choice for those looking for a memory foam pillow that sleeps cool.

Slumber Cloud

  • The Deal – Until may 28 you can save you can save 70% off wool blankets, 20% on pillows, 15% off mattress pads and duvet covers, 10% off sheets and mattress protectors and you’ll receive a free gift on order of over $300.
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the Slumber Cloud Cirrus pillow and then head over to Slumber Cloud to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Slumber Cloud Cirrus pillow is a down alternative that is a nice option for those in need of a hypoallergenic pillow.

COOP Home Goods

  • The Deal – Save 15% off the Solstice sheet set from Coop Home Goods from May 24 until May 27 with the code OHSHEET.
  • Helpful Links – We have reviews of COOP’s Eden, Memory Foam and Body pillows available. If you want to see more of their line and make your purchase you can click here to head to COOP.
  • The Goods – The COOP pillows are quality options for those looking for memory foam pillows that are great those that sleep a bit hot at night.


  • The Deal – Save 25% off all products at Essentia.
  • Helpful Links – Click here to make your Essentia Purchase.
  • The Goods – Essentia has a line of mattresses that are designed with categories like Lifestyle, Performance and Wholebody wellness in mind.

Eight Sleep

  • The Deal – From now until May 28 you can save $200 off the Eight Sleep Pod and get free in home setup.
  • Helpful Links – We have reviews of the Eight Sleep mattress and sleep trackers available. Click here to head to Eight Sleep and make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Eight Sleep is a company that focuses on the science side of sleep. The Saturn mattress that I tested has a firmer feel to it and pairs nicely with the tracker so you can better learn where you can improve your sleep habits.

Big Fig

  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can save $250 on any size Big Fig mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the Big Fig mattress or head directly to Big Fig.
  • The Goods – The Big Fig mattress is a traditional innerspring that was designed to provide the support heavier people need to sleep well through the night. The mattress uses firm durable materials to support the hips and keep good spinal alignment.


  • The Deal – Save $275 and receive 2 free memory foam pillows with your purchase of an IDLE mattress until May 28.
  • Helpful Links – We have reviews of the IDLE Hybrid Latex and IDLE Air mattresses or you can head to IDLE to see what else they have to offer.
  • The Goods – IDLE has a range of hybrid mattresses that provide nice support and bounce. The new IDLE Air is a great air bed that allows you to pinpoint the firmness and support you need to sleep through the night.


  • The Deal – Save 15% on a Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress, cooling hybrid gel mattress or any platform bed until May 27.
  • Helpful Links – We have reviews of the Zinus Memory Foam mattress as well as the Platform Bed, Smart Base and Bunkie Board. You can also go directly to Zinus to see more.
  • The Goods – Zinus is a bedding and furniture company that provides a wide range of quality products at value products.

Latex for Less

  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can save $150 on your purchase of a Latex for Less mattress with the code MD150
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the Latex for Less mattress before heading to their site to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – The Latex for Less mattress uses latex and organic cotton to provide an all natural bed for your home. The flippable structure gives you two firmness options so that you can find the level of support that is right for you.


  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can get $1200 off all Natural Latex Mattresses, $600 off all Memory Foam Mattresses or up to 60% off all Adjustable Beds.
  • Helpful Links – Read my full review of the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss and then head over to PlushBeds to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Made of layers of natural latex, the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss gives you the ability to adjust the firmness level so you can zero in on the perfect support level for your bed.


  • The Deal – From now until June 3 you can save up to $200 on a Serta iComfort mattress. You can also save up to $400 on certain Serta adjustable bases.
  • Helpful Links – Read my reviews of the Serta iComfort Blue 100 and the Serta iComfort Hybrid before heading to Serta to make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Serta is one of the biggest names in the mattress game and offers a wide range of quality mattresses so you can find the right bed for your sleep needs.

Eco Terra

  • The Deal – Use code MD150 to save $150 on your Eco Terra purchase from now until June 3.
  • Helpful Links – Head directly to to learn more Eco Terra’s website.
  • The Goods – Eco Terra uses a hybrid design with natural materials like latex to provide a bouncy and supportive mattress.


  • The Deal – Get a free Yaasa ONE Mattress with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and save up to $999 from now until May28
  • Helpful Links – You can check out my full review of the Yaasa Adjustable Base as well as for the Yaasa One mattress before heading over to Yaasa to learn more.
  • The Goods – Yaasa’s adjustable base is one of the best on the market, thanks to its wall hugging capability and sleek design. The Yaasa One pairs really well with the adjustable base to provide great bounce and a medium feel that’s good for combo sleepers.

Sealy Cocoon

  • The Deal – Save $100 on a Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress, and also receive 2 DreamFit pillows (a $138 value) and a DreamSheet set free (a $99 value) using the promo code CHILLBUNDLE
  • Helpful Links – Read our full review of the Sealy Cocoon Chill and the head over Sealy to to claim your deal.
  • The Goods – The Cocoon Chill is a no frills foam mattress with a firm feel that I think is a nice fit for the back and stomach sleepers out there. The Chill part comes in from the phase change material in the cover which gives the chill a cool to the touch feeling.


  • The Deal – From now until May 27 all Wright products are on sale for 20% off.
  • Helpful Links – Read or watch our full reviews of the Wright mattress or organic cotton sheet set before heading to Wright to check out their other products.
  • The Goods – The Wright mattress uses thick memory foam layers to allow sleepers to sink deep into bed for great pressure relief, providing a plush feel that’s nice for side sleepers.

Level Sleep

  • The Deal – Enjoy $250 off an Level Sleep mattress now through 5/31.
  • Helpful Links – Check out my full review of the Level Sleep mattress. If you like what you see, visit Level and make your purchase!
  • The Goods – With its special layer of Zoned Support, the Level Sleep mattress could be a great fit for back/side sleepers in search of deep pressure relief.
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