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Memorial Day Mattress Sales

Here at Sleepopolis, we’re gearing up for one our favorite days of the year: Memorial Day! Aside from being a time to honor all the brave folks who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, the holiday also gives us a fantastic opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

And though we’re still shy of the official day (May 25, to be exact!), we’ll be celebrating all month long by rounding up some great mattress, bedding, and pillow deals for you to take advantage of this Memorial Day. Take a peek below and make sure to check back for new discounts every week.


  • The Deal: From 5/11 – 5/31, enjoy these fantastic deals from Helix:
    • Use code MDWS100 to get $100 off any mattress order (+ two free Dream Pillows)
    • Use code MDWS150 to get $150 off any order of $1,250 or more (+ two free Dream Pillows)
    • Use code MDWS200 to get $200 off any order of $1,750 or more (+ two free Dream Pillows)
  • Helpful Links: To learn more about what Helix has to offer, you can take a look at our reviews of the Standard HelixHelix Plus, and Helix Luxe mattresses. Click here to head over to Helix.
  • The Goods: Helix sells a lot of different mattresses, so most folks should be able to find something that works for them. Plus, the brand also has pillows, bases, bedding, and more!


  • The Deal: From 5/4 – 5/29, enjoy the following deals from Layla:
    • $200 off the Layla Hybrid mattress (+ two free Layla memory foam pillows)
    • $150 off any mattress of any size (+ two free Layla memory foam pillows)
    • $30 off the Layla Weighted Blanket
    • $50 off Layla Bamboo Sheets
    • Buy-one-get-one 1/2 off of the Layla memory foam pillow
  •  Helpful Links: Head over to Layla after checking out our reviews of the Original Layla and Layla Hybrid mattresses as well as the Layla pillow.
  • The Goods: Layla specializes in copper-infused memory foam, which provides sleepers with deep pressure relief without causing them to overheat.


  • The Deal: From 5/12 – 6/5, Leesa is running a few different Memorial Day deals, including:
    • $100 off Studio by Leesa
    • $200 off the Original Leesa Mattress
    • $300 off the Leesa Hybrid Mattress
    • $400 off the Leesa Legend Mattress
  • Helpful Links: Before you buy, make sure to check out our reviews of the Original Leesa and Leesa Hybrid mattresses then click here to claim your Leesa Discount.
  • The Goods: Whether you snag the all-foam Original Leesa or the bouncy Hybrid, you’ll find a high-quality mattress that strikes a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support.


  • The Deal: From 5/12 – 5/25, use code MEMDAY15 to take 15% off your entire order at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Don’t shop til you’ve read our reviews of the Original Casper mattress and Casper Pillow. Click here to have the Casper Coupon code automatically applied.
  • The Goods: Casper sells a bevy of different beds, from the luxuriously supportive Casper Wave Hybrid to the budget-friendly Casper Element. And no Casper mattress purchase would be complete without some of the brand’s excellent pillows and bedding.


  • The Deal: This Memorial Day, use code MAY300 to save $300 on any WinkBed mattress.
  • Helpful Links: Check out our reviews of the WinkBed and WinkBed Plus mattresses before heading directly to their site to use the WinkBeds coupon code.
  • The Goods: Both the Original and Plus WinkBed mattresses use gentle foams and supportive coils to create a firm yet pressure-relieving structure.

Birch Living

  • The Deal: From 5/11 – 5/31, use code MDWS200 to save $200 on any mattress purchase.
  • Helpful Links: Learn all about the brand by reading our reviews of the Birch Living mattress and the Birch Living pillow. Click here to head over to Birch.
  • The Goods: Birch Living uses eco-friendly materials to create products that are as good for sleepers as they are for Mother Earth.



  • The Deal: From 5/15 – 6/7, save 15% on a Nolah Original, 20% on a Nolah Signature, or 25% on a Nolah Limited Edition, and get two free pillows with your mattress purchase. You can also save up to 40% on your purchase of Nolah beddign.
  • Helpful Links: Take a look at our full reviews of the Nolah and Nolah Signature mattresses as well as the Nolah pillow. Then, go directly to the Nolah site to make your purchase!
  • The Goods: Nolah mattresses are built with the brand’s own AirFoam™, which mimics the body-contouring principles of memory foam but with a little more bounce and lift.


  • The Deal: From 5/14 – 5/26, enjoy the following deals from Purple:
    • $100 off the Original Purple mattress
    • $150 off the Purple Hybrid mattress
    • $200 off the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress
    • $200 off the Purple Bedding Bundle, which includes two Purple Harmony pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector
  • Helpful Links: Check out our reviews of the Original Purple and Purple Hybrid mattresses before you click here to claim Purple mattress coupon.
  • The Goods: Purple is best known for its purple-colored smart comfort grid, which is bouncy, temperature neutral, and pressure-relieving.


  • The Deal: From 5/19 – 5/25, receive a free pillow, free sheets, and a free mattress protector with every mattress order. Code automatically applies at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: For more on Nectar, take a look at our full Nectar mattress review or head straight to Nectar.
  • The Goods: The Nectar mattress is a super soft bed that features thick memory foam top layers for deep body-contouring and pressure relief.

Tuft & Needle

  • The Deal: From 5/11 – 5/31, Tuft & Needle has a ton of awesome deals going on, including:
    • 10% off the Original Tuft & Needle Mattress
    • 15% off the Tuft & Needle Mint and Hybrid Mattresses
    • 30% off all Jersey Sheet Sets
    • 20% off Dog Beds
    • 20% off Contrast Platform Beds
    • 20% off Adjustable Bed Frames
    • 10% off all other items not listed
  • Helpful Links: We’ve reviewed several Tuft & Needle products, including the Original, Mint, and Hybrid mattresses as well as the brand’s sheets or you can head to Tuft & Needle to see all they offer.
  • The Goods: Tuft & Needle makes high-quality mattresses and bedding at prices that won’t break the bank. The diverse product line is sure to have a little something for every kind of sleeper.


  • The Deal: From 5/14 – 6/1, use code MEMORIALDAY to enjoy $200 off any DreamCloud mattress + a free Blanquil Weighted Blanket and pillow.
  • Helpful Links: For more on DreamCloud, make sure to check out our full DreamCloud mattress review then click here to have the DreamCloud coupon automatically applied.
  • The Goods: The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid model that combines gentle foams with springy coils for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support.


  • The Deal: From 5/3 – 6/1, save up to $500 on select mattress sets! Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Learn more about the brand by checking out our guide to the most popular Tempur-Pedic mattresses before heading to the Tempur-Pedic site to make your purchase.
  • The Goods: Tempur-Pedic is perhaps best known for its line of plush memory foam mattresses, which offer sleepers plenty of sinkage, body-contouring, and pressure relief.


  • The Deal: From 5/12 – 5/25, save $200 on any purchase of $1,000 or more. Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Before you buy, take a peek at our reviews of the Saatva mattress, pillow, and sheets then click here to have the Saatva coupon automatically applied.
  • The Goods: The Saatva innerspring mattress is a highly supportive bed that’ll probably work best for back or stomach sleepers.


  • The Deal: From 5/6 – 6/1, save $200 on your purchase of a Beautyrest Black mattress. Discount applies automatically at checkout!
  • Helpful Links: To find out if the Beautyrest Black could be the mattress for you, check out our full review or head directly to Beautyrest.
  • The Goods: The Beautyrest Black is a luxury mattress built with layers of poly foam, memory foam, and pocketed coils, so features plenty of bounce and pressure relief.


  • The Deal: From 5/18 – 5/31, get $300 off the Awara mattress + a free set of organic sheets. An added bonus? Ten trees are planted for every mattress purchase.
  • Helpful Links: Get a load of the Awara mattress by checking out our full Awara mattress review or head to their site to claim the Awara discount.
  • The Goods: The Awara mattress is a hybrid mattress built with pocketed coils and all-natural latex, so could be a great pick for eco-friendly sleepers.

Level Sleep

  • The Deal: From 5/5 – 6/1, save 20% on everything sitewide using code MDAY20.
  • Helpful Links: Check out our Level Sleep mattress review before clicking here to have the Level Sleep coupon automatically applied!
  • The Goods: Built to alleviate back pain, the all-foam Level Sleep mattress features a top layer of Zoned Support for targeted relief at the shoulders and lumbar region.


  • The Deal: Amerisleep has a few different deals going from 5/18 – 6/1, including:
    • 30% off all mattresses with code MD30
    • 30% off all accessories with code ACC30 (valid on all sheets, pillows, duvets,  protectors, and toppers)
    • 30% off Adjustable Bed and Adjustable Bed+ bundles
  • Helpful Links: Read our reviews of all the different Amerisleep mattresses before clicking here to claim your Amerisleep coupon!
  • The Goods: Amerisleep specializes in memory foam mattresses, which could work wonders for those in search of deep pressure relief and sinkage.



  • The Deal: From 5/13 – 6/1, save $200 on the iComfort mattress. Discount applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Take a look at our reviews of the iComfort and iComfort Hybrid mattresses then click here to see the full Serta mattress line.
  • The Goods: The iComfort mattress is an all-foam model built with both cozy pressure relief and cooling in mind.


  • The Deal: From 5/18 – 6/1, enjoy the following deals from PlushBeds:
    • $1250 off all organic latex mattresses (+ two free organic latex pillows, plush sheet set and mattress protector)
    • $600 off all memory foam mattresses (+two free organic latex pillows and plush sheet set)
    • 60% off all adjustable beds
  • Helpful Links: Read our full PlushBeds mattress review before going to the PlushBeds site to buy!
  • The Goods: Built with bouncy latex foam, the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is a buoyant structure that sleeps cool.


  • The Deal: From 5/7 – 5/25, enjoy 20% off all products sitewide by using the code MEMORIAL20. Discount applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Take a gander at our full Yogabed mattress review before clicking here to buy!
  • The Goods: The Yogabed mattress is an all-foam model designed with deep pressure relief in mind.

Coop Home Goods

  • The Deal: From 5/22 – 5/26, use code STAYHOME to save 15% on products sitewide.
  • Helpful Links: Check out our Coop Home Goods body pillow  and Eden pillow reviews and then head to Coop Home Goods to make your purchase!
  • The Goods: Coop Home Goods sells many different accessories for the bedroom, but is perhaps best known for its cozy memory foam body pillow which is seriously cozy.


  • The Deal: From 5/18 – 6/1, take advantage of these two deals from Zoma:
    • $150 of all mattress with code MD150
    • 20% off pillows and foundations with code MD20
  • Helpful Links: Read our full Zoma mattress review before going to the Zoma site to make your purchase!
  • The Goods: The Zoma Sports mattress is an all-foam model built with athletes in mind, so provides plenty of pressure relief and support.

Eco Terra

  • The Deal: This Memorial Day, save $175 off all latex mattresses using code SALE175.
  • Helpful Links: Take advantage of this great deal by going directly to the Eco Terra site!
  • The Goods: The Eco Terra latex hybrid mattress is built with organic wool, all-natural latex, and support coils.

Latex for Less

  • The Deal: Use code SAVE175 to get $175 off all latex mattresses this Memorial Day!
  • Helpful Links: Take a look at my review for the Latex for Less mattress. Then, head on over to the site to make your purchase.
  • The Goods: Latex for Less uses all-natural latex to make mattresses that are bouncy, naturally cooling, and supportive.


  • The Deal: From 5/21 – 5/26, use code MEMORIAL25 to enjoy $25 off all orders over $100.
  • Helpful Links: Read the full reviews of the Buffy and Buffy Breeze comforters on Sleepopolis before clicking here to claim the discount.
  • The Goods: The Buffy comforters are eco-friendly, sleep cool and are a great option for those looking for new bedding.

Nest Bedding

  • The Deal: From 5/14 – 5/31, save 25% on your cart when you bundle your purchase with a Nest Bedding mattress.
  • Helpful Links: We’ve reviewed a lot of Nest Bedding products, so you can see the full breakdown here. Then, head over to the Nest site to make your purchase!
  • The Goods: Nest Bedding sells six different mattresses, ranging from plush all-foam models to springy hybrids.

Cocoon by Sealy

  • The Deal: Enjoy 35% off the Cocoon mattresses using code SLEEPOPOLIS35!
  • Helpful Links: Before you head over to the Sealy site to buy, make sure to read our full Cocoon mattress review.
  • The Goods: The Cocoon mattress is an all-foam model that comes in two different firmnesses, allowing sleepers to choose the feel that’s right for them.


  • The Deal: From 5/21 – 5/27, use code WKND15 to enjoy 15% off all products sitewide.
  • Helpful Links: Read our full review of the Brooklinen sheet set  before heading to the Brooklinen site to buy.
  • The Goods: Woven with long staple cotton, Brooklinen sheets are soft, comfortable, and durable.

Idle Sleep

  • The Deal: From 5/18 – 5/27, take advantage of all these great deals from Idle:
    • Use code MEMDAYADJUST to snag a free adjustable base (+ two pillows) with your purchase of a mattress.
    • Use code MEMDAYBUNDLE to score a free bedding bundle (base, sheet set, mattress protector, and two pillows) with your purchase of a mattress.
    • Use code MEMDAYBOGO to “buy one, get one free” with your purchase of a mattress.
    • Use code MEMDAY35 to enjoy 35% off all products sitewide.
  • Helpful Links: Check out our full review of the Idle mattress before going to the Idle site to buy.
  • The Goods: The Idle mattress is a flippable, latex model that’s naturally cooling, supportive, and oh so very bouncy.


  • The Deal: From 5/16 – 5/31, enjoy a ton of fantastic deals from Burrow, including:
    • 10% off orders up to $1,499
    • $200 off orders up to $1,500+
    • $250 off orders up to $1,800+
    • $300 off orders up to $2,200+
    • $400 off orders up to $2,600+
    • $500 off orders up to $3,000+
    • $600 off orders up to $4,000+
  • Helpful Links: Take a peek at our review of the Burrow Sleep Kit before heading on over to the Burrow site.
  • The Goods: Founded in 2016, Burrow is a furniture retailer specializing in modular sofas, loveseats, and chairs.


  • The Deal: From 5/22 – 5/25, enjoy 20% off the Parachute mattress. Offer applies automatically at checkout.
  • Helpful Links: Before heading to the Parachute site, take a peek at our reviews of the Parachute cotton and linen sheet sets.
  • The Goods: Parachute is an ultra-popular bedding company that employs high-quality materials to create luxurious bedding and mattresses.
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