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4th of July Mattress Sale 2018

With U.S. Independence Day right around the corner, we thought it was high time to assemble some of the fantastic mattress deals going on to commemorate one of our favorite summer holidays. From now through the 4th of July, use these codes to get great discounts on mattresses, pillows, blankets, adjustable bases, and everything in between!

And make sure to keep an eye on this list as we’ll be updating it over the next few days with even more fabulous bargains.

Looking to buy a new mattress this year? Make sure to check out our guide to the best mattresses of 2018!


  • The Deal – From now through the 4th, take $125 off all $1,250+ purchases and $225 off $2,250+ purchases with code SUMMER.
  • Helpful Links – Take a peek at our reviews of the CasperEssential and Wave as well as our comparison of all three. Like what you see? Purchase them, here.
  • The Goods – The recently redesigned Casper Mattress now features an interior layer of Zoned Support, which helps to bolster the all-foam construction with additional pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.


  • The Deal – PlushBeds will have discounts running on a number of products through the 4th. Some of the highlights include natural latex mattresses for $1200 off or memory foam and cool gel mattresses for $600 off. Either way you will receive 2 organic latex pillows, a plush sheet set and a mattress protector with your purchase.
  • Helpful Links – You can find the Sleepopolis review of the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress here before heading over to purchase your new mattress.
  • The Goods – PlushBeds has a wide variety of sleep products available and their line of mattresses includes latex and memory foam models. PlushBeds also offers sofa beds and RV mattresses as well.


  • The Deal – Now through Independence Day, use code 50JULY4 to get $50 off your purchase when you spend $500. Use code 125JULY4 to get $125 off purchases up to $1000 and 250JULY4 to get $250 off when your cart is up to $1,500.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Eight Sleep, here. Like what you see? Buy it, here.
  • The Goods – Not only is the Eight Sleep mattress super comfortable, it also comes equipped with sleep tracking technology, which provides its users with important insights into their sleep health.


  • The Deal – Use the code JULY4 now through July 8 to get $150 off all orders over $450.
  • Helpful Links – Checkout my review of the Allswell mattresses here and then click here to head over to Allswell and make your purchase.
  • The Goods – Allswell was recently announced as one of the new online-only bedding brands that are taking over the mattress industry. With a design-conscious aesthetic, the offshoot is all about helping customers find their “Instagram-worthy dream bed.”


  • The Deal – Use code JULY4 to get $250 off any Luxi mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Luxi 3-in-1 mattress, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – As the name suggests, the Luxi 3-in-1 provides sleepers with three unique feels for the price of one. All you have to do is flip and reverse the layers to customize it to your personal tastes!


  • The Deal – Use code 4JULY4 to get $150 off any 4Sleep mattress.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the 4Sleep mattress, here. Want to buy it? Snag it, here.
  • The Goods – The 4Sleep mattress combines contouring memory foam with responsive poly foam, making for a bed that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive.


  • The Deal – Helix has a few different deals going on through the week: code JULYSHEET will get you $10 of sheets, JULYPILLOW will get you $10 off a pillow, JULY100 will get you $100 off a mattress and code JULY150 will get you $150 off a mattress and another item.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Helix mattress, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Helix fully customizes all of its mattresses, promising to personalize foam densities and the order of the layers within the bed to ensure a great sleep for every individual.


  • The Deal – Get $200 off the Aviya mattress using code JULY2018 now through Friday.
  • Helpful Links – Check out our review of the Aviya mattress, here. Want to buy it? Snag it, here.
  • The Goods – The Aviya mattress features a hybrid construction of foam and pocketed coils. The combination produces a bed that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive.


  • The Deal – Running from now through 7/9, use the code USA 200 to get $200 off any purchase over $1,200. Use code USA 100 for $100 off any purchase over $700.
  • Helpful Links –  Check out our review of the Bear, here. Like what you see? Purchase it, here.
  • The Goods – Bear mattresses are designed for sleepers with a more active lifestyle, so its beds boast a lot of innovative, high-performance tech.
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