Nodical Mattress Unboxing

8/25/2015 Update – my review of the Nodical mattress has been indefinitely suspended. As of 8/24/15 the parent company of Nodical, Allied AeroFoam, was acquired by an investment group. That investment group decided to let the Nodical team go and terminate the Nodical brand. For other mattresses see my full list of mattress reviews.

Meet the Nodical mattress! Nodical is a new mattress start-up company on a mission to create the world’s most comfortable mattress. They have developed two mattresses, the Nodical Restore and the Nodical HD. The Restore mattress is 10″ and has a medium firmness. The HD is a bit thicker at 12″, provides better deep compression support, and has a slightly firmer feel. For this unboxing (and the upcoming review) I tested the Nodical Restore mattress.

But enough of the intro, let’s dive into the actual unboxing video:

Initial Thoughts

  • Medium firmness – the Nodical mattress is slightly firmer than I expected. It comes in at a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). Granted, I made this judgement after just my first night of sleeping on it. Once it has had several days to decompress it may soften up a little bit.
  • Slight hug, good contour – There isn’t a dramatic sinkage / hug feeling with the Nodical. In a normal lying position on my back I sank 1-1.25″, slightly less than the average I’ve seen for 10″ mattresses that try to hit the universal comfort feel. Despite the lower level of hug, the body shaping and contouring was quite good.
  • Edge support – when sitting in a more conservative position (where I’m a bit further back on the mattress) the Nodical does a really good job of maintaining support and shape. It performs slightly better than the average. A more aggressive sitting position wasn’t quite as a good. When all of my weight was on the edge there was a higher degree of foam sinakge and collapse (full tests will come in my full review).
  • Clean aesthetic – in terms of style, I quite like the look of the Nodical. The dark blue side panels and white fabric on top would be great alone, but the green zipper (pink in the HD version) really makes it pop.
  • Removable cover – love this feature! I don’t understand why more mattress companies don’t put this on their mattress. It’s a very nice extra. The zipper is surprisingly sturdy feeling, which I would estimate would improve its longevity (a factor that will be more important with each passing washing cycle).

I’ve got a lot more coming on the Nodical very soon. My wife and I will be completing our sleep test of the Nodical later this week, after which you’ll find my complete contextual and complete video review of the Nodical Restore mattress.

If you have any questions or areas you’d really like me to focus on in the full review please drop me a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Nodical Mattress Unboxing”

    • Hi Mary,

      I just completed it over the weekend…it was on my first item for today. However, last night I received notice from Nodical informing me that their parent company (Allied Aerofoam) was acquired by an investment group and team at Nodical was let go. At least for now it appears that there will be no Nodical mattress :(

      Sorry that I don’t have better news.

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